Letters/Emails of Support

Doctors 4 Patient Care
Dear Ron,

Docs 4 Patient Care, Georgia Chapter would like to officially endorse the ideas presented by your subcommittee on private health insurance reform.  As you know, our state and national organization is against state health care exchanges as they are presented in the PPACA.  Under the law, all decisions will be made by the Federal government, costs will increase, and options will be non-existent.  We support free market solutions where patients are in control of their health care dollars and choices.  The private health insurance ideas in your plan are the first step to putting patients in charge, reducing costs, increasing access to care which will increase options for all Georgians.  The next step is to put all health care options in the hands of patients on an open free market.

This endorsement is from the State Chapter of Docs 4 Patient Care only.  I am excited to share your model with my colleagues in other states and will have to leave a national endorsement up to our national leaders.  I plan to also send you a more detailed analysis from our group on the specifics of your ideas in the near future.


Jeffrey B. English, MD

President- Docs 4 Patient Care, Georgia Chapter
Georgia Charity Care Network