C Supporting Organizations & Individuals

The following individuals and groups have indicated support for the general proposal outlined in the Reform PPt Presentations.  Once final legislation is written, these groups will have the opportunity to review and decide on whether or not to support the final legislation.   
                  Georgia Public Policy Foundation (www.gppf.org)
Center for Health Transformation (www.healthtransformation.net)
Georgia Chapter: Docs 4 Patient Care (www.docs4patientcare.org)
Georgia Tea Party Patriots (www.teapartypatriots.org)
National Federation of Independent Businesses (www.NFIB.com)
Smart Girl Politics Action (www.sgpaction.com)
Georgia 9-12 Project (www.thegeorgia9-12project.org)
Georgia Charity Care Network (www.gfcn.org)
Ross Mason, Chairman of the Board-Department of Community Health
         Gerry Purcell, healthcare consultant
     Al Ertel, COO Alliant Health
     Rick Bailey, RBC - independent broker
     Ron Bachman, President & CEO Healthcare Visions
Georgia House of Representatives:
    Donna Sheldon - Majority Caucus Chairman 
      Matt Ramsey - Majority Causus Vice Chairman
      Allen M. Peake - Majority Caucus Secretary/Treasurer  
    Ed Lindsey - Majority Whip
    Mickey Channell - Chairman Georgia House Ways & Means Committee
    Sharon CooperChairman Georgia House Health Committee    
      Josh Clark
Georgia Senate:
    Chip Rogers - Majority Leader
The following entities were briefed on the plan as it was developing and added valuable insights to the proposal.  These groups and individuals have NOT yet endorsed the plan. The groups and individuals listed below have not yet been re-engaged since preliminary discussions for inout occurred.  Some groups were selected because of known opposition so that we could incorporate common interests as much as possible within the basic principles outlined for this work. Many oppose the concepts and final legislation. They are listed as valued stakeholders that we informed and sought input from whether or not they agreed with part or any the legislation. 
Briefed & Input to Plan:
   Americans for Prosperity
   Georgia Department of Insurance
   Georgia Hospital Association
   Medical Association of Georgia
   Georgia Society of Managed Care
   Georgia Chamber of Commerce
   Georgia Association of Health Underwriters
   Georgians for a Healthy Future
   BlueCross Blue Shield of Georgia
   Piedmont Hospital
   30 House Freshman (Class of 2011)