Georgia Health Insurance Reform
"Consumer Led Health Reform"
With the Supreme Court ruling against PPACA. it is critical that the State of Georgia reform state health insurance laws governing individual and small group health insurance.  Now is the time for leadership to surface and self-interests to be set aside.  Either the state passes conservative free-market reforms or another federal centralized government plan will develop.
In a state of 9.6 million citizens, there are over 1.8 million Georgians without insurance. If you happen to work for a small company (fewer than 25 employees), chances are only 1 in 4 that you have insurance.   Clearly, a free-market that meets the needs of consumers is not working in Georgia.  Normal market forces of free enterprise, price competition, product choice, innovation, and consumer engagement are not evident in the existing insurance market. 
Georgia insurance laws were written by insurance lawyers, lobbyists, and elected officials who needed the health industry funding for election and re-election.  Each stakeholder (insurers, hospitals, physicians, specialty care providers, agents, consultants, welless vendors, disease management firms,  etc.) have each carved out a profitable nitch in a dysfunctional market.    
We have tried industry led reforms and government led reforms - now it is time for consumer led reform.  This website is a source of ideas for reforming insurance laws in Georgia based on what consumers need. 
The Georgia Public Policy Foundation facilitated meetings during 2011 and 2012 to put together a package of creative ideas centered on free-market solutions and focused on consumers.   Input and ideas were developed from courageous leaders in the various health segments.   A group of knowledgeable professionals and conservative consumer advocates put aside their partisan politics and business self-interests to focus on what would be good for consumers of health, healthcare, and  insurance services.  
This website includes actual legislation that is ready for submittal to the 2013 Georgia General Assembly.  Community, business, healthcare, and political leaders have come forward to produce these proposed reforms.  Now is the time for the Governor and the bipartisan membership in the Georgia House and Senate to pass these consumer led reforms.