Description- The piedmont is an area of rolling hills. Piedmont means "foot of the

mountain." The piedmont has forests, lakes and rivers. Red clay gives the ground its color. 


Location- The Georgia Piedmont is located between the coastal plain and the

mountains in the northern half of Georgia.  It covers the middle of Georgia.

Which animals call the Piedmont home?

Many animals live in the Piedmont area. Read below to find out about some of them.

Raccoons can be found all over Georgia! They live in forests and coastal areas. With all of the changes in Georgia’s habitat raccoons have adapted to the environment. When people move in, habitats become smaller or disappear. Raccoons eats fruit, acorns and insects, vegetables from your garbage or thrown out dog food.

The Great Horned Owl is the largest owl of the southern United States. Its "horns" are really small ears. It lives in wooded areas. It hunts during the night. It eats small mammals (especially rabbits and rodents), birds, some fish and insects 

The Timber Rattlesnake lives in forests. It eats rodents, rabbits, squirrels, but birds, and other snakes, lizards, and frogs may be eaten. Its predators are bobcats, coyotes, skunks, and snake-eating snakes.


The White-tailed Deer is found in all habitats, from high mountain forests to coastal marshes. It is mainly found in areas a which have a mix of forest, old fields and active crop lands. The White-tailed Deer eats leaves, buds, twigs, acorns, fruits, and mushrooms.


The Opossum is nocturnal. It is also an omnivore. An opossums diet includes, fruits, berries, insects, crayfish, small rodents, carrion (dead animal flesh), and even human garbage.


Which plants are found in the Piedmont?


When the first Georgia settlers arrived they cleared the land for farming. The most common crop grown at the time was cotton.  The absence of trees and overfarming led to erosion. This caused the valuable topsoil to wash away and leave the famous Georgia Red Clay

Pine trees grow well in the Georgia Red Clay. Unlike most trees they don't need as much water or sunlight to survive. Today farmers grow pine trees and sell the wood.  Other trees that are common in the Piedmont region are the oak tree and the hickory tree.


               oak tree                        pine tree                              hickory tree