Description- Georgia's mountains are old, much older than the Rockies or even the Himalayas. The base of the Blue Ridge is over a billion years old. It is covered with thick forest that are home to many Georgia animals. There are very few places so biologically diverse outside of a tropical rain forest.


Location- The mountains cover the northern part of Georgia. The Blue Ridge and Appalachian Mountains combine to form the mountain habitat in north Georgia. Here there are mountains, valleys and ravines along with many waterfalls. The elevation gets much higher than the rest of Georgia which causes changes in the plants. 

Which animals live in the Mountain area?

Largemouth Bass are among the most sought after in Georgia- at one time- the world’s largest largemouth bass was caught in Georgia! Largemouth bass are freshwater fish and generally live in clear ponds and swamps. They often hide in thick plants along the edges of a water body.  Largemouth bass eat crayfish and frogs, insects and small fishes. The largemouth bass is the state fish.


Bats are a valuable and fascinating part of Georgia’s natural heritage.  There are many different types of bats that call Georgia home. They are helpful because they eat flying insects, many of which are pests.  A single bat can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in one hour!  They also eat large numbers of moths and beetles that can damage plants. The caves in the mountain region are perfect for bats to live in. The caves provide roosting habitat for many bat species, including the gray bat, which is found nowhere else in the state.

The cardinal lives in wooded areas. Cardinals like to eat seeds, fruits, and insects. The male bird has a red and black face. The female has a red tail, wings, and crest; the rest of her body is brown. Both have a red beak. It does not migrate in the winter.


The white-tailed deer is the smallest kind of deer in North America. It is reddish brown in summer and grayish brown in winter. The underside of the deer is white. The tail is brown above and white below. Males have antlers. The white-tailed deer lives in mixed forests, old fields, and crop lands. It eats leaves, buds, twigs, acorns, fruits, corn, and alfalfa. It eats at dusk and dawn. It is a nocturnal animal.

The Black Bear is the smallest of the American bears but it is the largest carnivore in eastern North America. It has a large heavy body with long legs, flat feet, stout claws, and a very short tail. It is not usually aggressive toward people. Its babies are called cubs and are born blind. The Black Bear is nocturnal in the summer. It is an omnivore. It is also found in the Okefenokee Swamp.   


Which plants can be found in the Mountains?

The Georgia mountains provide a lush and thick area for a variety of plant life to grow.  It has  rich forest soils and has the most wide variety of plant life in the State. The types of plants growing depend on the elevation. Some of the plants in this region include; the mountain maple, oaks, tulip poplar, ash, magnolia, and white pine.

Two of the state flowers are also found in the mountain area. The Azalea (state wildflower)  is the state wildflower. Azaleas can be found covering much of our state and come in a variety of colors.  An interesting thing about these lovely flowers is that they are actually mildly poisonous!!!  When these flowers are eaten by animals, they can cause stomach and heart problems. The Cherokee Rose (state flower) is also found in this area. Native American folklore says the flowers are a result of the tears shed during the “Trail of Tears”.

Trees and bushes bearing fruit are also located in the mountains. Here you will find apple trees and blueberry bushes.

            Magnolia                      Ash



                  Azalea                        Cherokee Rose                  Apple tree