Description: Georgia's coast is made up of sandy beaches and barrier islands. The coastline of Georgia is almost 110 miles long.  


Location: The Coastal Plain is part of a low land that extends around the coast of the eastern United States from New York to Texas. In Georgia, a chain of low islands called the Sea Islands lies just off the mainland, separated from it by a narrow waterway.



Which animals call the Coast home?

Many animals live in the Coastal area. Read below to find out about some of them.

Sea Gulls are large birds and are usually grey or white with black markings on the head or wings. They are ground nesting carnivores, which will take live food or scavenge when food becomes available. They eat crabs and small fish. Sea gulls rarely go far out to sea.


Ghost crabs live in burrows along the sandy beaches of the Eastern United States. The crabs can grow up to 6 inches. They are omnivorous (eats both meat and plants) and will eat other crabs, clams, insects, vegetation, and detritus.They feed at night, while digging in the sand during the day.

The Blue Heron is the largest heron in the United States. It walks slowly, looking for food along the shore in both salt water and fresh water. Its favorite food is fish which it stabs with its sharp beak. It swallows all of its food whole.


River Otters live on the shores of lakes, rivers, marshes, and ocean bays. They have thick fur that makes them almost waterproof, They spend a lot of time catching fish, but also like to play. Otters enjoy a diet of fish, insects, and frogs. They are nocturnal and nervous around humans.

The Brown Thrasher can be seen throughout Georgia, but is more common in the southern and central portions of the state. It likes shrubby vegetation or any thick understory. It is can be found in neighborhoods and fields.  Brown Thrashers eat a variety of food including insects, smaall animals, fruits, and nuts. It finds its food by using its bill to move the leaf litter and ground debris. The Brown Thrasher is the state bird.   

Which plants thrive in the costal area? 

The forests of Georgia's islands have many types of plants such as Spanish moss and Live oaks. The live oak is the Georgia state tree.  Other large  trees include southern magnolias, pines, and cabbage palms. Smaller trees include the American holly and morning glory.  On the beaches of the coast sea oats grow on the dunes help prevent erosion. 


          morning glory              live oak                  sea oats



                                        American Holly             Spanish Moss