Warm Springs




Warm Springs is located 60 miles south of Atlanta.  Water flows from the springs at a rate of 914 gallons per minute and stays a constant temperature of 88 degrees year round.   In the early years Creek and Iroquois Indians brought their sick and wounded to the springs because they thought the warm water would make them better. 




A resort was built in 1837 with pools so that people could bathe in the warm water.  There were tennis courts, bowling alleys, and a 300 room hotel called the Meriwether Inn.  In 1924 President Franklin Roosevelt discovered that the warm mineral springs helped his polio feel better.  Roosevelt built a home for himself that became known as the “Little White House”.  He also built a treatment center for polio victims in Warm Springs.  In 1899 the Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery was established. 



Today the bathing springs are not open to the public, but the Roosevelt Institute provides services for people with polio and other physical disabilities.  Everyone is welcome to visit the Little White House and dip their hands in the warm springs water in a fountain fed by the famous springs.


Plants and  Animals


There are few plants and animals in Warm Springs. The area consists mainly of pine trees.