Radium Springs




There are numerous springs flowing into the Flint River. One of these, Radium Springs, is located on the southern outskirts of Albany. It is the largest spring in Georgia. Radium Springs gets its name because its waters contain small amounts of Radium. Each day more than 70,000,000 gallons rush from the earth. 


Because of the crystal clear, sapphire blue waters, many people were drawn to the area. A hotel was built and the Radium Springs Resort was opened to the public in 1927.  For many years it was a popular attraction with bands playing on Sundays.



Plants and Animals

In recent years the resort was closed, but the springs continue to provide a habitat for many plants and animals. Some of the most unusual animals are the Georgia blind cave salamander and the albino crawfish which can be found in the under water caves near the springs.