Department of Philosophy
                        University of Hawaii
                        2530 Dole Street,
                        Sakamaki D-301
                        Honolulu, Hawaii 96822-2383
                        Office Location: B302, Sakamaki Hall
                        Office Phone: (808) 956-8734

                        Email: gtsai@hawaii.edu



I'm an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Hawaii at Mānoa, and also an affiliated member of the Center for Chinese Studies. My primary research and teaching interests are in moral and political philosophy. I also have a secondary interest in Chinese philosophy.

I was an undergraduate at Amherst College, where I double majored in Economics and Moral & Political Thought (Interdisciplinary). I received my PhD in Philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley (Dissertation Advisors: Hans Sluga, R. Jay Wallace, Kinch Hoekstra).

I've been a Dissertation Fellow at the University of Richmond (2010-11), Visiting Assistant Professor at Scripps College (2011-12), and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the School of Philosophy at the Australian National University (2013-14).