Special Education Department

Child Find Notice

In accordance with IDEA and Massachusetts Chapter 71B, all public schools must provide special education for children determined to be educationally disabled. The law requires a school district to identify such children from 3 to 21 years of age. This law applies to all children, including those in non-public schools, pre-schools, and hospital settings. In addition, children of migrant or homeless families are entitled to public education.

Parents or service providers who suspect a child might have an educationally disabling condition are encouraged to contact their child’s school. Georgetown Public Schools will arrange for the screening and evaluation of any students who are unable to progress effectively in general education because of a disability.

For more detailed information about the policies, procedures, and services available at Georgetown Public Schools for special education, please contact Jack Tiano in the Student Services Office at (978) 352 – 5777 x. 100.

Jack Tiano, Director of Student Services for Georgetown Public Schools

Katelin Kennedy: Special Education Facilitator for Perley & Penn Brook Schools
    Email: katelin.kennedy@georgetown.k12.ma.us

District "Special Education & Student Services" website link: http://www.gssapp.org/GeorgetownPublicSchools/studentservices/