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Responsive Classroom

At the heart of the Responsive Classroom approach are specific classroom practices. All grade levels at Perley School, including preschool, incorporate these activities into their classroom routines. The approaches include:

  • Morning Meeting – We gather as a whole class each morning to greet one another, share news and enjoy a quick song, game or story.
  • Rule Creation – We work with the students to create classroom rules that allow all members of the class to meet their learning goals.
  • Interactive Modeling – We teach children to notice and internalize expected behaviors through a specific modeling technique.
  • Positive Teacher Language – Adults use words and tone to promote children’s active learning and self discipline.
  • Logical Consequences – Students learn to respond to misbehavior in a way that allows them to fix and learn from their mistakes while preserving their dignity.
  • Guided Discovery – Teachers introduce materials using a format that encourages creativity and responsibility.
  • Classroom Organization – The classroom is set up in ways that encourage independence, cooperation and productivity.
  • Academic Choice – Student motivation is increased by offering activities with varied levels of difficulty and allowing students teacher-structured choices in their work.