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Lunch Bunch Program

We are excited to offer the opportunity for you to extend your preschooler’s half day session to include lunch and recess at Perley School!


Time Frame: 11:30am-12:30pm

Location: Perley cafeteria & playground

New Dismissal Time: 12:30pm (from playground or kiosk doors)

Preschoolers in the Lunch Bunch Program will walk to the cafeteria after the 11:30am half day dismissal with a classroom paraprofessional.  Students will eat lunch brought from home in the cafeteria with other full day preschoolers.  Lunch will be supported by classroom paraprofessionals. Students will enjoy their lunch food and drink, engage with peers, and practice the lunchtime routine and related social skills with the full day preschoolers.  The Lunch Bunch group will leave the cafeteria and join recess with other full day classes on the playground.  In the case of inclement weather, the Lunch Bunch group will engage in gross motor activities in the gym with a classroom paraprofessional.

Program Cost:

Tuesday/Thursday (2 days) Lunch Bunch Program: $48 per month

Monday/Wednesday/Friday (3 days) Lunch Bunch Program: $72 per month

Monday –Friday (5 days) Lunch Bunch Program: $120 per month

Program Requirements:

  • You may sign your preschooler up for one of the three Lunch Bunch Program sessions (2 day, 3 day, or 5 day).  You may sign up for less days for Lunch Bunch than your child attends school.  For example, your child may attend preschool Monday- Friday half days and you may sign up for the Monday/Wednesday/Friday Lunch Bunch Program.

  • You may select the days your child is enrolled in the Lunch Bunch program.  The days do not have to follow preschool session selections.  For example, you may sign up for the two day Lunch Bunch program and select Monday and Wednesday.

  • Lunch Bunch is paid on a monthly basis, in addition to your monthly preschool tuition.  You may include the additional Lunch Bunch tuition as one total amount with your preschool tuition check.  Lunch Bunch can also be paid for online.

Lunch Bunch Program Sign-Up Link: