Set in Catalonia, Spain, on the Mediterranean coast, the Barcelona Summer Study Abroad Program continues Georgetown University's philosophy of educating the whole person. The city and its surroundings offer infinite resources that allow for the development of this Content Focused Language Program, comprised of an innovative curriculum that focuses on the subject matter (i.e., politics, business, sociolinguistics and visual arts) through the language, giving students the best opportunity to improve their proficiency in Spanish. (Photo of Barcelona from the Telefèric courtesy of Richard Ishida).

Program Details

The program offers advanced courses in art history, sociolinguistics, business and history, all taught in Spanish. Participants take three courses, either one or two of the courses regularly offered in the Spanish Department (Bilingualism and Advanced Business Spanish), History and Politics of Identity (HPI), and Catalan Art History (CAH) for a total of 9 credits. Students sign a language pledge, according to which they are required to speak only Spanish while in the program.

Classes run for 5+ weeks, meeting in the morning. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and all day Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes take place at UPF, and are followed by conversation exchanges with UPF students. Tuesday and Thursday classes consist of day long organized outings leading to sources of primary data (including but not limited to interview recordings, photographs, library materials, internet, and museums). The emphasis of these activities is on research (gathering primary evidence), reflection (through journal writing), analysis of the data, and writing. Completion of daily written assignments and journal writing is also required, which connect classroom lectures, reading assignments and primary evidence gathered.

In designing the program, Professor Sanz has combined her experience as Director of the Intensive Spanish and School of Foreign Service Spanish programs, her intimate knowledge of the city and the region (she was born and raised in Barcelona), and her expertise in adult second language acquisition to develop a curriculum on the cutting edge of pedagogy. The program's design is characterized by its emphasis on writing, on the development of students' autonomy as language learners, and on conceptual connections between experience both within and outside the classroom, as well as across the disciplines of art, history, politics and language.

If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Global Education or email Dr. Cristina Sanz, Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Director of the Barcelona Summer Program.


Enrollment for the Barcelona Summer program is limited to 25 students with advanced proficiency in Spanish. For general information and about financial matters and deadlines, please visit OGE's Barcelona Summer Program web page. For application processes, documents, rules and general information applying to all Georgetown students, please visit the OGE Summer study abroad page.

Program Eligibility Requirements

  • GPA of 2.7 or higher
  • Advanced II or equivalent
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Adherence to (1) the Conditions of Participation, (2) the GU Code of Conduct, and (3) the Language Pledge. These requirements will be discussed regarding their specific application to the Barcelona Program at the Pre-Departure Orientation Session held in the spring. This session is mandatory for all program participants and is held in April.
  • All students must take the Language Pledge, through which they will be committing to speaking only Spanish at all times for the duration of the program. The pledge is designed to help students get the most out of this opportunity to be completely immersed in the language, and to help them resist the temptation to fall back on English, utilizing instead the skills they will be continually acquiring throughout the program to communicate.


To apply online to the Barcelona Summer Program, please click here.

**Each applicant is required complete an interview with the Program Director, conducted in Spanish, as part of the application process (make sure you schedule an appointment during Dr. Sanz's office hours shortly after you have submitted your application).**

Costs and Deadlines

Program tuition covers tuition for 9 credits, accommodations, and insurance. In addition, all meals, lodging, transportation and fees associated with field work are covered by tuition. Other meals are not included. Dorm rooms have a kitchenette where students can cook meals.

Specific timetables with costs and deadlines for the Barcelona Summer Program can be found in the Office of Global Education's Barcelona Summer Program brochure.

The following links will take you away from this page to OGE's website to provide more general information on financial aid, financial matters, and dealing with money while abroad. Some links may require you to find your topic of interest in the list located on the left margin of the page.


Each student is responsible for knowing and following the visa requirements specific to his or her situation!

If you are a US Citizen, and your stay within the European Union does not exceed 90 days, you do not need to apply for a student visa. If you are a non-US citizen, you may have to obtain a visa to be eligible to study in Spain. Please contact the Spanish Embassy for more information on the requirements and regulations regarding travel, study and visa application for university students who are non-US citizens.

The following are often required of the applicant for him or her to be eligible for a Spanish visa: proof of housing while abroad, copy of ticket for return flight, proof of financial security at present and while abroad, length and nature of program in which he/she is participating, proof of health insurance, clean background check, passport, passport sized photos, all application forms and an application fee. It is advisable that if travel to other countries within or outside the EU is anticipated, it should be mentioned over the course of the visa application process

It is the responsibility of each participant to obtain the exact requirements specific to his or her situation. Applying for a visa can seem like an unending process of gathering information from multiple sources, but if started in a timely manner (many months before your date of departure), the steps are very straightforward. To avoid unnecessary difficulty, it is essential that you find out which Consulate has jurisdiction over your place of residency. This determines the nature of your individual requirements and the deadline by which they must be fulfilled.

You may go here to find the Consulate corresponding to your residency. The Spanish Embassy is located twenty minutes' walking distance from the Georgetown campus. Please see external map. Speaking with someone in person may help clarify any problems that arise during the application or information gathering process.

Embassy of Spain
Address: 2375 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W. (20 min.walk from campus)
Washington, D.C. 20037

Phones: (202) 452-0100; (202) 728-2340

Health, Safety and ADA Information

There are no special vaccinations required or precautions to be taken with food or water, other than what common sense suggests, just like in the US. As in every country, be very careful with excessive alcohol and also with situations that could result in a contraction of any sort of STD, as some such as HIV can have extremely serious consequences.

When traveling to any foreign country, it is important to be aware of how to stay healthy and safe, so as to have the most positive and beneficial experience as possible during your stay. To find out more about vaccinations, healthy practices, and safety while in Spain, please visit the US Department of State's web site on travel in Spain.

For general health, safety and ADA accommodation information, please visit OGE's Health and Safety information page, and the health and safety and Medical Information sections of OGE's Parent's Guide.

Health and Safety considerations specific to the Barcelona Summer Program will be discussed in detail at the Pre-departure Orientation Session in April before the program begins. This session is mandatory for all program participants. The date and time will be emailed to all program participants in March.