Open Source


It is more than free Information it is... Information Revolution !!!! 

Open Source Education

Open Source Design and Manufacturing

Popular Open Source Software

  • Creative Commons ... Open source knowledge project
  • Open Office ... Word processing software and much more.
  • LibreOffice ... Fork of OpenOffice from "The Document Foundation"
  • MiKTeX ... (LaTeX package for Windows)
  • TeXnicCenter ... (LaTeX editor)
  • Mozilla (Firefox & Thunderbird)  ... web and e-mail browser  
  • Opera ... web browser
  • Skype ... VoIP platform (not Open Source but Freeware, still good enough :-) )
  • 7 Zip ... like WinZip, but FREE 
  • VLC ... like Windows Media Player, but GOOD :-)    oh, and FREE
  • Gantt Project ... project scheduling software
  • Dia ... oranigram design and more (like Visio)
  • HandBrake ... Open Source DVD to MPEG4 converter
  • CDex ... CD-Ripper, extracting digital audio data from an Audio CD
  • PDFCreator ... Pdf "printer" for Windows systems
  • Foxit ... PDF Reader - Editor - Creator
  • PDFedit ... very good and user friendly open source PDF Creator, Viewer and Editor for Linux and Windows platforms
  • WinDjView ... Open source viewer for .djvu files
  • Tree Maker ... Amazing free origami simulation and calculation software!! 
  • iMath ... Numeric and symbolic calculations in OpenOffice Writer. The iMath extension to enables numeric and symbolic calculations inside a Writer document.
  • CompPad is an extension that provides live mathematical and engineering calculations within a Writer document. It is intended to provide a free / open-source alternative to Mathcad
  • Wordle ... A simple tool for poster/cover creation based on word popularity
  • Launchpad ... Software development platform similar to
  • MyTourbook ... Analyze your bike, moto or car tours through GPS data NEW
  • BBBike ... Bike information system for Berlin - Bradenburg NEW

Photography & Graphics

General Purpose Software

  • TreePie ... Nice and light software that presents the size distribution of folders and files in the form of a pie chart
  • DirSync Pro ... Open source folder synchronizer
  • JFileSync ...  Open source folder synchronizer
  • Unison ...  Open source folder synchronizer
  • PDF Crack ... Free Online password cracking tool for locked .pdf files
  • AirSnort ... LAN (WLAN) tool which cracks encryption keys on 802.11b WEP networks
  • Miranda IM ... Open source, multi-protocol instant messaging clien 
  • GNU Typist ... Tool that teaches you how to type properly
  • SpeedFan ... Free tool for computer hardware inspection (e.g. CPU temperature)
  • GNU Solfege ... Open source Solfege training software
  • OpenVista ... Open source health care management software NEW 
  • eViacam ... Open Source motion tracking mouse activating software NEW
  • Stellarium ... Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your PC NEW

Mind Mapping Software

  • SciPlore ... Scientific Open Source (Free) Mind Mapping Software with quick reference linking functionality
  • XMind ... Open Source (EPL licence) Mind Mapping Software
  • Compendium ... Open Source (Free) Mind Mapping Software
  • FreeMind ... Open Source (Free) Mind Mapping Software
  • Freeplane ... Open Source (Free) Mind Mapping Software, fork of FreeMind

Fluid Dynamics Software

  • XFOIL ... Panel Method CFD software
  • MatPerlXFOIL ... MAtlab code for easy and fast access of XFOIL through Matlab and file pipes
  • XFLR5 ... Panel Method CFD software based on the XFOIL code
  • Free CFD ... open source CFD software (under development)  
  • OpenFOAM ... open source CFD software
  • OpenFOAM for Windows!! ... no comments needed here ;-) 
  • AVL ... Vortex Latice Method software from M. Drela (MIT)
  • Tornado ... MATLAB (and Octave) based Vortex Latice Method
  • APAME ... Open source 3D panel method code for MATLAB
  • SymLab ... Panel Method software, not open source but with free trials and low prices.
  • AERO ... Panel Method software developed at TU Stuttgart (in German)
  • SNL-EFDC ... Open source Environmental Fluid Dynamics software from Sandia Labs
  • Gerris ... Open source CFD solver
  • OpenFlower ... Open source CFD solver
  • Manticore ... Open source airfoil design software 
  • SLFCFD ... Open source CFD software
  • NACA Aerofoil ... Free and user friendly NACA (4-, 5-, 6- and 6A series) airfoil creator.
  • Standard Atmosphere Comp. ... Java based standard atmosphere computations (Re, Viscocity e.t.c)
  • AeroTools ... Collection of free educational javascript based tools.
  • Sailboat Design ... Free Software collection for sailboat design
  • NETGEN ... Automatic grid generator with IGES and STEP import and vatious output formats (also OpenFOAM)
  • EnGrid ... Very very good grid generator with nice GUI and direct export to OpenFOAM!!
  • OpenFLUID ... A landscape flux modeling environment for various applications such as hydrology
  • OpenRocket ... nice and user friendly model rocket design and simulation software


Wind Energy Software

  • openWind ... Open source Wind Park planning software
  • NASA World Wind ... Graphically rich 3D virtual globe. Combines NASA imagery generated from satellites that have produced Blue Marble, Landsat 7, SRTM, MODIS and more.
  • QBlade ... Wind turbine blade design and simulation software. Open source Blade Element Method (BEM) software from TU Berlin.


Data Management & ERP 

  • openBravo ... Open source ERP software (like SAP or Oracle)
  • ADempiere ... Open source ERP software (like SAP or Oracle)


Graphing - Plotting - Visualization (Wikipedia List)

  • PEPlot ... Nice and simple plotting software (like GNUPlot but easy :-) ) 
  • Open Flash Chart Ver .1 and Ver. 2... open source flash based charting for web applications
  • SciDAVis ... Very nice plotting software with Worksheet and Matrix environment and many Graph and Data processing capabilities (Multi-OS)
  • QtiPlot ... much like SciDAVis and LabPlot. It runs on Linux and performs very well.
  • JPlot ... Light and simple to use 2D plotting software 
  • LabPlot ... very good plotting software (only for Linux)
  • ParaView ... Scientific Visualization Software 
  • GRACE ... plotting software 
  • GLE ... Script based graphing and plotting software (powerful but quite complicated)
  • XlXtrFun ... Free Excel based software which interpolates splines to points (quite useful)
  • Gapminder ... Impressive free world statistic visualization initiative from Sweden
  • GnuPylot ... A Python based GUI for GNUPlot. Definitely worth trying
  • LaTeXDraw ... A nice multi-platform GUI for the PSTricks LaTeX package with direct code export.


Web Editing

  • KompoZer ... Open source web editor (WYSIWYG style)
  • Bluefish ... Open source web editor
  • Amaya ... Open source web editor
  • Quanta + ... Open source web editor 
  • NVU ...  Open source web editor (WYSIWYG style)
  • Aptana ...  Open source web editor 
  • Warthog FTP Client ... Open source FTP client
  • Web-FTP ... Open source FTP client

Mathematics (Algebra & Matrix) (Wikipedia List)

  • Octave ... numerical computation software (like Matlab)
  • QtOctave ... a user friendly front-end for Octave
  • SAGE ... mathematics software (like Mathematica)
  • Scilab ... mathematics software (like Matlab)
  • Maxima ... Computer Algebra System
  • FreeMat ... another open source software like Matlab
  • GNUMERIC ... open source spreadsheet software (like Excel or Open Office Calc) 
  • Matrex ... A vectroreal spreadsheet software which is very usefull if you work with large data sets or dynamic data sets (e.g. data feed from sensors). It cooperates very well with Matlab, Scilab e.t.c
  • SalStat ... Rapid statistical analysis for scientific data NEW
  • Fityk ... non-linear curve fitting software NEW
  • FastMath ... Open Source, GUI based, flexible Math editor for Word NEW

Chemistry, Biology Material Science
  • Avogadro ... Molecular GUI based, cross platform editor for use in computational chemistry, molecular modeling, bio-informatics, materials science



  • Qt Designer ... widget developing software
  • Qt ... Popular free framework based on C++ with very large user base
  • Qt Learning ... Lots of tutorials and info material on Qt
  • Python ... high level open source programming language
  • GNAVI ... programming language like Visual basic or delphi
  • Processing ... open source programming language especially for image / design / animation
  • R ... Programming language mostly for statistics and data processing
  • Notepad++ ... Code editor and Win Notepad alternative
  • IntelijIDEA ... Java IDE
  • Eclipse ... Java IDE
  • Flow Designer ... Graphical programming software (like LabView)
  • Neural Network Library ... a C++ library on neural networks
  • PWCT ... Programming without coding technology platform NEW


Cellular Automata (Wiki) & Agent Based Social Simulation (Wiki)

  • Swarm ... Open source ABSS project wiki and software
  • Repast ... Open source ABSS toolkit
  • Matlab Swarm ... MATLAB code for ABSS
  • Ascape ... Open source ABSS project
  • INGENIAS ... Open source ABSS development kit
  • NETLogo ... multi environment ABSS modeling language and platform
  • SVGA ... Open source cellular automata software


CAD - 3D & 2D (Wikipedia List)

  • ArchimidesCAD ... open source CAD software (like AutoCAD)
  • QCAD ... open source CAD software
  • Engauge ... Digitizing software
  • Plot Digitizer ... Exactly what the name says :-)  NEW!
  • ... Internet database with technical OpenSource and FreeWare Software 
  • 3DVia ... Freeware simple 3D modeling software for concept drawing from Dasault Systemes (quite like google sketch-up)
  • Google Sketch Up ... The nice and free tool from Google
  • CADEMIA ... 2D open source software
  • BRL-CAD ... Cross platform open source solid modeling system
  • rattleCAD ... small nice and user-friendly 2D CAD software for bike frame design. Includes dimension export and tubemitter. 
  • Varkon ... 2D and 3D CAD software developed by Department of
    Technology at Örebro University NEW
  • SailCut ... Sail design and cutting template design software NEW

Electrical Engineering Software

  •  Gridlab-D ... Software and simulation tool for electrical transmission grid design


  • MBDyn ... the first and possibly the only free general-purpose MultiBody Dynamics analysis software
  • MBDyn_sim_suite ... Derivative of the initial software above with focus on wind turbines 
  • Blender and MBDyn ... a nice combination of MBDyn with the GUI of Blender
  • CALCULIX ... Open Source 3D FEA software
  • FEAPpv ... general purpose FEA software
  • Fedem ... Free unrestricted version of the commercial multibody dynamics software
  • PBS Grid Works ... Free computer cluster software for heavy calculations
  • Code Aster ... Interactive FEA code
  • Elmer-FEM ... Finite element software for numerical solution of partial differential equations and multiphysical problems
  • Impact ... Open Source FEA software for impacts and large deformations
  • CAELinux ... Package with various CFD and FEA tools
  • Salome Meca ... nice GUI and very good FEA and CFD tools
  • Salome Meca for Windows! ... The package is now cross-platform!!
  • OpenFEM ... Open source FEM toolbox (under development)
  • Z88 ... Free FEM package with relatively simple interface
  • LISA FEM ... Free Finite Element Analysis software
  • KFEM ... Open source FEA code
  • OpenDE ... Open source dynamics/physics simulation engine
  • SLFFEA ... Open source FEA software
  • PHUN ... Free physics-engine for simple concept simulation (like Working Model 2D)
  • FRAME3DD ... Open source software for static and dynamic analysis of 2D and 3D trusses and lattice structures
  • FEMTA ... Software for the analysis of simple 2D trusses.
  • Ferma ... educational 2D truss analysis


Computer Games (Wikipedia List)
  • Vega Strike ... Open source space simulator
  • The Butterfly Effect ... a nice game based on a physics engine that let's the user create complex interactive worlds


Open Source Operating Systems / Environments (Wikipedia List)

  • Ubuntu ... Open Source Linux based OS
  • SUSE ... Open Source Linux based OS
  • FEDORA ... Open Source Linux Based OS 

New Open Source Projects Under Development
  • GGGears ... will be a user friendly gear design and simulation software
  • Hydraulics ... will be a C++ library for hydraulics' simulations
  • SimSEE ... tool for optimal dispatch of hydrothermal electrical power systems. Simulates the operation of petroleum fired plants and hydro plants with reservoirs.
  • OpenSeaMap ... the goal is to add nautical and tourism information a sailor could be interested in to OSM (OpenStreetMap) and to present it in a pleasing way
  • QFoam ... A comprehensive Qt front-end for OpenFOAM. Supports multiple cases, simplified case parallelization, and remote editing of cases.


Open Source Education

Popular Open Source Software

General Purpose Software

Fluid Dynamics Software

Wind Energy Software

Data Management & ERP

Graphing & Visualization 

Web Editing



Cellular Automata

CAD (Computer Aided Design)



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