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Engineering (General) 

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Aerospace & Aerodynamics

Renewable Energy References & Bibliography

A-C (Energy Efficiency References)
Energy and Environmental Policy Journals (Center for Energy and Environmental Policy in the University of Delaware, USA) | Home Page (Renewable Energy e-magazine)
eFunda: Design Standards (engineering information)
IWR - Internationales Wirtschaftsforum Regenerative Energien (Portal of the renewable energy industry)
Renewable Energy Industry - Global platform for industries and trade in the renewable energy industry
All Deutch Renewable Companies
Sargent Group
George V. Eleftheriades, Edward S. Rogers, Sr. Dept. of ECE, University of Toronto, CANADA
ECE - Home
DIE OFF - a population crash resource page
The Sustainable Energy Research Group at the University of Southampton, UK
Earthtoys Alternative Energy Library - Alternative Energy News, Emagazine And Library
Parametric visualisation_KASSEL UNI

Learning Tools

Engineer on a disk - main page
Wolfram Research, Inc. e-Print archive mirror
mathematics support for Engineering students - mathcentre
Welcome to the IEEE
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering - University of Toronto
Free Electronic Books Online
Quadratic Equation -- From MathWorld
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
US Patent Inventors
esp@cenet Advanced Search
Mechanical Engineering Subject Portal
PPRE Electronic Schedule

Energy Meteorology

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Biomass I

Welcome to Agricultural Sciences homepage!
Botany online: Photosynthesis
THE PROCESS OF PHOTOSYNTESIS. Essay Sample. Free term papers for college students
Neue Seite 1
BIOS Bioenergy (in Austria)
Biodiesel links

RE Physics

sorry...nothing yet

Wind Energy Conversion

Large 17' diameter wind turbine

Companies with relation to Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Stirling Energy Systems Inc. - Home Page
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Home Page
Major CSP Projects
European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company EADS N.V.
Krauss-Maffei Wegmann – Ihr Partner rund um Wehrtechnik
The Engineers Without Borders - International Network: EWBI, EWB, EWB-ISF, EWF
The 12th International Stirling Engine Conference - Conference Keynote Speakers
Stirling Engine - SOLO und Stirling
SolarPACES Home Page
KLEIN+STEKL: Das Softwarehaus für individuelle, hochspezialisierte Lösungen
Centres - CIEMAT
Centre of Lightweight Structures TUD-TNO - About us
The Source for Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Institutions & Organisations

WEA Second Drafts
World Energy Assessment Home
Organizations Engaged in Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Businesses by Country
International Clearinghouse for Hydrogen Commerce - LATEST ADVANCES IN HYDROGEN - Job Details
How to Plan for a System
Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie
EUROPA - Eurostat - Queen Tree
Welcome to World Bank Group
Rocky Mountain Institute--Home Page (Institute of Energy Efficiency research)
The World Alliance for Decentralized Energy - WADE
wind energy(ECN Institute)

Small Hydropower

Micro hydropower case studies
Hydropower Literature
Microhydro web portal
Itaipu Binacional - A Maior Hidrelιtrica do Mundo
How to Plan for a System
Water Power
Max-Tec Hydropower
EU Digital Hydro Atlas

Solar Energy

Taiwan Solasia Energy Co- solar water heater system supplier, manufacturer - -
Solar Hot Water Heaters
Solar Collectors: different types and fields of application

Oil - Pollution Information

Peak Oil: Life After the Oil Crash

Measurement Seminar

Heat of Combustion
Renewable Resources Biogas Technology
biogas_liquid_fuels.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Discover the Production and Uses of Biogas
Flaring_4-4.PDF (application/pdf Object)
Heat of Combustion -- from Eric Weisstein's World of Chemistry
Lecture Demo of Heat of Combustion of Paraffin
heat of combustion on
KCPC Education Resource Web Site: 9.2.3 Molar Heat of Combustion
heat of combustion. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Heat of Combustion of Fuel Gas
Calorimetry: Heat of Combustion of Methane
Heat of Combustion of Fuels
Latent Heat of evaporation, fusion, and freezing
Energy Efficiency of Evaporation Plants
Fluids and Latent Heat of Evaporation
Latent heat flux - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Evaporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Evaporative cooling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Latent heat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

HCCI Information

Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
Future Power Systems: Video
TFD's Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI and CAI) page
Dynamic Design Lab - Projects
Flash evaporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Phase change heat pump - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Psychrometrics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Wikipedia:Copyrights - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fantastic Image source
The Combustion Institute
Eclipsenet - Eclipse Homepage
Microgravity Combustion Science
click here to go to
Internal combustion engine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Batteries, Inverters and Grid Connections

The 12volt Side of Life

BioClimatic & Sustainable Architecture

Architecture references

Afrodite Stavropoulou

Stirling Engines

Introduction to Stirling Engines
Solar Dynamic Power References
NASA Stirling Engines
Stirling Convertor Technologies for Stirling Radioisotope Generator
Three-Dimensional Magnetic Analysis Technique Developed for Evaluating Stirling Convertor Linear Alternators
Powering the Future
Infinia Corporation
ForschungsVerbund Sonnenenergie Homepage
Power Producing Engines - American Stirling Comapany
Schmidt Theory for stirling engines (extensive theory)
Keveney Engine - Stiling Engine Animation web site
NASA Automotive stirling project report
25kW Solar Stirling from NASA
Advanced TEchnology Developement for Stirling Convertors (NASA)
Overview of NASA Multi-Dimensional Stirling Convertor Code Developement
Assessment of the Free-Piston Stirling Convertor as a Long Life Power Convertor for Space
Technology Projections for Solar Dynamic Power
Review of Solar-Stirling technology integration
Solar Stirling for Deep Space Applications
Solar Dish (Stirling) Engine

CGI (Compacted Graphite Iron)

Waupaca Foundry


The NASA Glenn Research Center Technical Report Server
Redzero's Moonhoax - How Apollo moon landings really happened

Calculators & Unit Converters

Calculators, Inc. - Casio CFX-9850GB Plus
Online Conversion - Convert just about anything to anything else
Bernoulli Equation Calculator with Applications
Free Engineering Software CGI PERL Scripts

Automotive Technology

Green Car Congress: Hybrids
Fresh Technology - the latest technology news -
Continuously Variable Transmission
Advanced Propulsion Technologies, Inc.
Reg/Regi Technologies Inc.

Quick Searches

Google Quicksearch Quicksearch

Stock Symbol Quicksearch

Wikipedia Quicksearch

Urban Dictionary

Google Videos

Google e-Books

Google Maps

Torrentz Searching

IP Searching and tracing ...and run: cmd.exe and c:\tracert IP Address

Firefox and Mozilla Links

Firefox Start Page
Firefox Central
Themes and Extensions
Firefox Product Page
The Mozilla web site
Mozilla Store
Get Involved - Help spread Firefox!

Internet Deutschkurs

Germanic languages conjugate German verbs
LEO Deutsch-Englisches Wörterbuch
Verbix -- Germanic languages: conjugate German verbs


Deutsche Welle - Germany's International Broadcaster


NSMB.e.MAGAZINE - Freeride, Extreme and North Shore style Mountain Biking
Europes largest Online Bike store - Buy Online.
Der HIBIKE eShop
Video Gallery
bike box
Richi Engineering
BME - Brano Meres

Bike Technology

power engine home page
The Torque Converter_Constantinescou
Fixed Gear Bicycles Bicycle Bikes Gallery
Harris Cyclery - Navigational Hub
Carbon Recumbent Workshop 2004
Carbon Fiber Q & A
COMP-LET s.r.o.
A Carbon Fiber Recumbent Bicycle You Build From Plans
Damon Rinard's Frame Building Links
Carbon fiber recumbent bicycle plans review.
Awesome Library - Health_PE
A site dedicated to Tom Traylor's unusual hobbies
My Recumbent
De Clarke's Personal Opinion (isn't bisque beautiful?)
Bicycles and Aerodynamics
My Allround-Bicycle by Rainer Pivit
"Ratcheting" CVTs
Dryvtech 2x2x2 Homepage
Python Recumbent Project

Expos - Fares - Shows

Automotive Trade Shows in September,Automotive Trade Fairs & Business Exhibitions in September 2005
Science for Peace Guelph - online films + clips

Funny Stuff & Recreation

Funny stickers
The Best Page In The Universe.
Ali G stuff
Pablo Fransisco Video on Metacafe
Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handy
EAA - The Leader in Recreational Aviation - Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Post Nazi Germany: When the Communist East Was Still American - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News
Download Free Music Videos from the '80s!!!
AIR CRASH Investigation

World War II- Info & Facts

The Nazi Death Machine: Hitler's Drugged Soldiers - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News

USA Imperialism

Welcome to the Project for the New American Century
DLR Portal
The Sustainable Energy Research Group at the University of Southampton, UK
The Sustainable Energy Research Group at the University of Southampton, UK
Guaranteed Web Hosting Solutions and Web Development Services with MIS
Robert Q. Riley Enterprises: Product Design & Development
Jeff Rense Program VERY INTERESTING!!!!
RC Electric Helicopters
Rob in Europe
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