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7 Years Since making this Website.
On 3/26/2010.

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This Site is Rated WS-PG- Mild Themes.

This Website is (SFW) Safe For Work.
Making a Website is Work. Not a job. Just lots of work.

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Coined in by me in 2013.
The Owner of the site is in your name and you own that.
Survivor is 17 & I am 29 Years Old.

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Autism Rate is (US):
1 in 68.

Birthday Cake: (This is a Birthday Cake.)
Birthday Cake
Ice Tea Differents:
Ice Tea Brisk Pure Leaf
 Cal:  70  180
 Sodium  80mg  0mg
 Carbs  19g  45g
 Sugar  19g  45g
This is the Light Side the True Autistic Person I am on this site.

This is the First Edit in 2018!

Nice Women!
All Women must be called Nice!

Cardi B
Invasion of Privacy (4/6/2018)
 Co$t on: Google Play: Apple iTunes:
 13 Songs: $9.49 (0.73) $9.99 ($0.77)
 Each Song: $1.29 $1.29
 Cost in RD$: RD$475.00 RD$500.00

Has 13 Song (both Each cost $1.29 ($16.77))
Co$t on Google Play $9.49 ($0.73)
Co$t on Apple iTunes $9.99 ($0.77)

I Now have a Fitbit!
The Return of the Pink NBC.
Pink NBC with The G is on DTV 37.1
Seen on in October 2014 & 2015 on Today.
Pink NBC in 2013. (Also on Today's #PinkPower Segment Only in October 2014 & 2015..)
A New Network on 37.1 with The G
WPNG = Pink NBC with The G.

Companies with eShops.
 Companies: eShop: Card that is Needed:
 Nintendo: Nintendo eShop Nintendo eShop Card
 Google/ Android: Google Play Google Play Card
 Windows/ Microsoft: Microsoft Store Microsoft Store Card

New York Strong & Nevada Strong.

New York Yankees & Las Vegas Yankees.

Money in Areas where going (2017): (Money)
 Puerto Rico US$
 St. Thomas US$
 Barbados B$/ US$
 St. Lucia EC$
 St. Kitts EC$
 St. Maarten NAF/ Euro

Going to DR in 4/6/2018- 4/13/2018 is Pesos!

I Now have a Cellphone!

Twilight Films!
 Twilight Films: Film Ratings: Times: Extended Versions:
 Twilight (2008) - 10 Years in 2018! PG-13 2:01:49 2:06:11 (+5:02)
 The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009) PG-13 2:10:38 2:17:58 (+7:20)
 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010) PG-13 2:03:57 2:08:40 (+4:43)
 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (2011) PG-13/ **R 1:57:08 2:04:15 (+7:07)
 *The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (2012) PG-13/ **R 1:55:11 2:02:11 (+7:00) GP/YT 1:55:11 (*0:00)
 Total Times:  10:08:43 10:39:15 (+31:12) GP/YT 10:32:15 (+24:12)
*No Extended Version on Google Play or YouTube of this film!
**R Rated at First then got cut down before getting a PG-13 Rating!
Real World Version (No Pixels at all): Animal Crossing: Old Leaf. (A Parody of what's down below.) (Only you are not a Mayor there at all.)
Video Game World Version (3DS/ 2DS): Animal Crossing: New Leaf. (You do play a role as the Mayor the town you make.)
Animal Crossing 8-Bit Series: (A Parody of Animal Crossing 64-Bit to 128 Bit Series.)
Starfish Award in Pathways (Only on George-Pedia! Rewind.)

Two Wrongs don't make a Right = Jail Time.

The New Page Rating System! Up to the PG Rating!
George-Pedia Page Rating can only be up to P-PG which is PG.
Pages Rated P-G are good for this site.
Pages Rated P-G+PG are also good for this site with the added PG with it.
Pages Rated P-PG are good too.
The List of Nintendo Wii U Video Games I have.
1. **Nintendo Land 11/21/2012 (**Came with the Deluxe Wii U Black Version.)
2. New Super Mario Bros. U 11/30/2012
3. Wheel of Fortune (Wii U) 1/2/2013
New games for Wii U:
Wii Fit U (We Fit You.)
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (We You.)
*New Super Luigi U (* Mod of New Super Mario Bros. U.)
***Snakes Wii U (*** Note: Not a real Wii U Game.)
The List of Nintendo Wii Video Games I have.
1. Wheel of Fortune (Wii)  11/2/2010
2. Deal or No Deal  2009
3. My SiMS Party  2009
The Worlds: Pokemon World Real World
The Nurses: Nurse Joy (Pokemon World) Nurse (Joy) (Real World)
My New Series called:
1. Par-a-tisment
2. Who wants to be a Ten-Thousand-aire
3. Hit a Whammy!
4. 3DS TV. (On Flipnote Studio 3D.) It did Came on 2/10/2015. (Before Club Nintendo shutdown.)
1989 Nintendo Gameboy
Gameboy with Tetris Game in it.
1. Gameboy
2. Tetris (Paked-In) (No Game Rating was in Place.)
Cost was $89.99 + $5.40 = $95.39
Go To: Flipnote Studio on Wikipedia.
Lite/ Light/ Soft Rock Radio Stations.
Top 40 Radio Station. (Not as in a Countdown.)
92 PRO-FM - 92.3 FM WPRO Providence, Rhode Island.
103.3 AMP RADIO - 103.3 FM WODS Boston, Massachusettes.
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This Website is also Rated WS-PG.

Chart that shows MPAA & FCC Ratings.
  G PG PG-13 R NC-17
 TV-Y Yes Yes No No No
 TV-Y7 Yes Yes **Yes No No
 TV-G Yes Yes No No No
 TV-PG Yes Yes Yes Yes No
 TV-14 Yes Yes Yes Yes *Yes
 TV-MA No ***Yes Yes Yes Yes
*This is rare for it to be Rated TV-14.
**Only If the TV Show is Rated TV-Y7.
***For Older Films with the PG Rating.

This Website is Rated WS-PG - Mild Themes
This Website is Rated WS-PG

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...and I don't own Copyright © so those images can't be on here.  If they are on here they can't.  Besides if I did it I would have to make something 1st.
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