Animal Farm Scavenger Hunt!

Directions: Please use the suggested links to find answers to each of the questions below. Be sure to paraphrase your answers based on the information you find on the internet. Good luck!

For questions #1-4, CLICK HERE

               1.  What was George Orwells real name?

               2.  Where was Orwell born, and where did he live most of his life?

               3.  Name two other books George Orwell has written.

               4.  What were Orwell’s political views?      


For question #5 CLICK HERE --->

                          5.  In what year was Animal Farm first published, and what war had just ended? 


Go to the sites listed below.  Give your opinion on #6

               6.  What is socialism? CLICK HERE

               7.  What is communism? CLICK HERE

               8.  What are the common goals/failures of socialism and communism? (hint: utopia means an ideally perfect place, especially in its social, political, and moral aspects)  CLICK HERE for some help!

For questions #9-13, please use the following webpage and links:             

                        FIRST LINK

                       SECOND LINK

               9.  Who was the Czar (or Tsar) of Russia before the Russian Revolution (and during WWI)?


                          10.  What became of this Czar and his family?


              11. What happened during the February Revolution of 1917 (first phase of the Russian Revolution)?


              12.  What happened during the October Revolution of 1917 (second phase of the Russian Revolution)?

              13. Who led the October Revolution?

For question # 14, focus on the first and fourth & fifth paragraphs CLICK HERE

             14.  Who was Napoleon Bonaparte, and what was his basic personality?

For questions #15-17 CLICK HERE

             15. Who was Josef Stalin, and what kind of ruler was he?

             16. Who was Leon Trotsky? Why did he leave Russia?


             17Skim through the personality cult link--how might Stalin and Napoleon have been similar?

Find two other totalitarian dictators in past and recent history.


For question #21 CLICK HERE (focus on paragraphs 2 and 3)

19. Why does Lenin (a communist) view religion as a negative influence in the lives of common people?

Please use the following website to answer question #23 CLICK HERE

20. According to the product description for this book, why did Stalin reintroduce religious institutions that had previously been banned in Russia?

BONUS! Please refer to the following site to answer this last question CLICK HERE

What were some reasons Lenin and Stalin used propaganda? Skim over the posters what are the posters encouraging people to do?