bleeps greatest hits part deux!
Basically, someone said that they'd done what every dj has done in their lives at some point; taken the needle off the worng record after doing an incredible mix. 

But Bleeps mishaps really take the biscuit...: 

George Lazenbleep wrote:

risk death by pulling records randomly from your overstacked shelves in lounge 
take so many tunes that you pull something really painful under your shoulder 
play all records at the wrong speed and if possible play the wrong side 
change your mind as often as possible even if you think its impossible to cue it up on time 
place the record in your hand on top of an already playing tune 
catch the stylus on the sleeve of your hippy top 
stand on your headphone cable as often as possible so your phones are yanked off dramatically when you stand up 
if possible take the needle off a tune you've just dropped for no apparent reason, if this is not possible then be sure to knock the needle across a tune at least once 
trip over your record bag land flat on your ass and laugh hysterically even though you're not drunk 
cue up records with the crossfader open 
try to cue up when you don't have your phones plugged in 
play a record that you've just played twice 
have your trouser fly open all night 

slut wrote:
OTHER BLEEP STYLES (there are many more) 

Spend ages packing a bag of records and take the wrong one (from last weeks break night when goign to do a suday chillout set) and forget your 7" entirely. 

make the dj before/after you look like a twat by tripping over whilst exiting/entering the booth sending the needle skidding across the playing record. But not be visible when the crowd start booing. 

Fall asleep somwhere when you are mean't to be somewhere else playing records.

The Nut wrote:
slut wrote:
Fall asleep somwhere when you are mean't to be somewhere else playing records

...having 'accidentally' stolen the other djs phone so they're unable to contact you, and are left dieing for a piss, and screwing over how they've just lost their new phone.

The Nut wrote:
Oh me and the slut spaz things up plenty, we just pale in comparison to bleep. 

Its an Uh-oh-spagetti-oh-a-minute with the guy!