I am a graduate student of theoretical and mathematical physics at Trinity College Dublin and of pure mathematics at the University of Athens.

I was a visitor at the Insitut Henri Poincare in Paris, France during April 2016!

My interests and research are related to moduli problems in string theory, supersymmetric gauge theories and algebraic geometry and modular forms. My current interests are

- Topological quantum field theories and moduli spaces

- N=2 SUSY gauge theories and Hitchin systems, geometric Langlands program 

- Various aspects of topological field theories, 4d-2d and 3d-3d dualities, DT-theory, topological strings

In the past I worked in AdS/CFT. My Master thesis,  which was about aspects of renormalization in gauge/gravity  correspondence,  was entitled  holographic renormalization  for  non-conformal branes

Contact: george.korpas_at_gmail.com

Hopf fibration