Professor George A. Anastassiou was born in Athens, Greece, in 1952.

He studied mathematics at the University of Athens, Greece, at the University of Southampton, U.K.
and at the University of Rochester, N.Y., U.S.A, where he received his Ph.D. in 1984.

Professor Anastassiou has taught at the University of Rhode Island, RI, 1984-86 and the University of Memphis, TN, since 1986 where he is a tenured full professor of Mathematics.

His broad area of research is Computational Analysis, in particular Approximation Theory and Inequalities. Dr. Anastassiou has written over 500 research articles, over 35 monographs, he edited also several volumes. Among others he is the founder of “Fractional Differentiation Inequalities” , “ Fuzzy Positive Linear Operators” and “Fractional Calculus on Time Scales” theories. He belongs to numerous editorial boards of mathematical journals.
In 2005 he founded a three mathematical journals publishing company “Eudoxus Press, LLC”,  and he continues to be the president of that company.

Professor Anastassiou has received the following awards:

1)       Distinguished Research Award

University of Memphis Alumni Association


2)       Distinguished Research Award

University of Memphis, College of Arts and Sciences


3)       Outstanding  Young Researcher

University of Memphis, College of Arts and Sciences


4)       A. Pallas award 12-27-2001, best paper in Mathematical Analysis during 1998-2000

Academy of Athens, Greece


5)        Honorary Doctoral Degree

University of Oradea, Romania


6)       Distinguished Research Award

University of Memphis Alumni Association




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3. Editor of conference proceedings, published by Marcel-Dekker, Inc., 1992, "Approximation Theory," Vol. 138, Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Math.

4. During May 20-22, 1993, with S.T. Rachev ,UCSB, organized the 1st International Conference on "Approximation, Probability and Related Fields" held in Santa Barbara, CA. The volume of proceedings, edited by G. Anastassiou and S.T. Rachev was published by "Plenum" in 1994.

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