The University of Wisconsin-Madison will host a conference on the geometry of redistricting on 12-15 Oct 2017. We are a satellite conference of the Geometry of Redistricting Summer School running this summer at Tufts; the material covered here will similar to but not identical with the content there.

Thursday and Friday, Oct. 12-13 will be lectures and panels open to the public; Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 14-15 will be devoted to smaller hands-on workshops in specialized tracks, including a track aimed at K-12 and college teachers, a track aimed at potential expert witnesses in redistricting cases, and a districting hackathon. Our organizing committee includes mathematicians, political scientists, lawyers, and engineers, and our aim throughout will be to make use of techniques from all these areas while engaging with the complex ways they intertwine around the problem of legislative districting.

Our conference is organized in partnership with the Metric Geometry and Gerrymandering Group (MGGG) at Tufts University, a nonpartisan organization conducting research and outreach on the mathematics of redistricting. In 2017-18, MGGG is running similar workshops in MA, NC, TX and CA, building a community of mathematicians, scientists, and others with quantitative skills in preparation for the 2020 census. You can sign up for their mailing list here and support their project by donating here. We are also co-organized by the UW Elections Research Center and the UW-Madison Department of Mathematics.  Would your organization be interested in supporting this conference?  More information can be found here.