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According to McKinsey & Company, the management consulting firm, enterprises really need a new approach to finding their elusive experts. Companies carefully track hard assets such as inventory and cash. But they typically depend on serendipity to tap the expertise of their employees. Now a growing number of companies are devising systems to find and make use of their experts.

Quest for the Subject Matter Experts
Expertise can be surprisingly difficult to find, even in companies that have spent millions of dollars to attract and retain it. Traditional methods, such as document repositories and static directories, are inadequate because expertise, unlike other assets, depends on the context -- making it difficult to describe and classify.

By mining the details of the current and past work experience of employees -- what projects they have participated in, what papers they have written, what they studied in school -- new expertise-location systems can often solve the context problem and help companies find the talent they already have within their ranks.

GeoNetworker is an Austin, Texas, USA non-profit research project founded to envision secure Enterprise 2.0 talent networking solutions that will enable dynamic resource discovery, and personal introductions that ultimately result in skills and knowledge transfer.

Our goal is to actuate relationship links between an organization's expert human capital, trustworthy external business contacts, and associated tacit intellectual property assets via social networking.

Next Steps: the TalentNexus ecoSystem prototype and the GroupFusion expertise location consulting service. We invite you to contact us now for additional venture details regarding our ongoing empirical research and development efforts.

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