The international conference
    Geometry of Banach Spaces - A conference in honor of Stanimir Troyanski
will be held in Albacete (Spain) on June 10-13, 2014,
on the occasion of the 70th birthday of Stanimir Troyanski.

We hope the conference to be a meeting point of researchers interested in Banach space theory.
More specifically, the conference topics will include: geometry and renormings of Banach spaces,
convexity, non-separable spaces, infinite-dimensional topology, spaces with few operators,
non-linear classification of Banach spaces, greedy algorithms, Banach lattices, etc.

We also hope the conference to be of interest for researchers from neighboring areas like
topology, optimization, measure theory and set theory.
The following plenary speakers have accepted our invitation:

S. Argyros (Athens),
J. Castillo (Badajoz), S. Dilworth (Columbia), M. Fabian (Prague),
V. Fonf (Beer-Sheva), P. Hájek (Prague), R. Haydon (Oxford),
F. Hernández (Madrid), P. Kenderov (Sofia), P. Koszmider (Warsaw),
D. Kutzarova (Urbana-Champaign), V. Milman (Tel-Aviv), A. Moltó (Valencia),  J. Revalski (Sofia),
T. Schlumprecht (College Station), R. Smith (Dublin), A. Suárez Granero (Madrid).

In addition, there will be several contributed short talks.
Participants willing to deliver a short talk are encouraged to send a proposal of title and abstract.

Registration is now open.
Please go to the "Registration" and "Abstract submission" sections for further details.

Looking forward to meeting you!

The organizers,

A. Avilés (Universidad de Murcia)
S. Lajara (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha)
J. P. Moreno (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
J. Rodríguez (Universidad de Murcia)

e-mail: geometry.banach.spaces.2014@gmail.com