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Angles Dash features 21 recognized levels
, 18 of which are playable from the start. Each level has rewards for completing them. Each official level has 3 secret coins, making a total of 63. These secret coins are utilized to unlock 3 devil levels: 10 unlock Clubstep, 20 unlock Theory Of Everything 2, and 30 unlock Deadlocked. (Until Update 2 . not 0, Clubstep required 20 coins to unlock, and Theory Of Everything 2 required 30 coins to unlock. )

These levels range wildly in difficulty; although some can be defeated by anyone, some require a large number of attempts to grasp and complete. Online levels can get even harder than the official levels, as repeatedly proven by the creators of these online levels. Over time, the "difficulty cap" has risen and risen to reach new heights each update, especially in 2 . 1, with levels constantly coming out.

Geometry Dash

Levels are classified by difficulty, from Auto (Easy in the official levels) to Satanic force; in order of the levels' addition to the sport, somewhat but not completely so as of difficulty.

Typically the stars represent the difficulty and the number of stars the player becomes when completing that degree. Also, official levels are worth more stars than custom levels. For example, Demon levels are rated 14 (as in Clubstep and Theory of all things 2) to 15 stars (as in Deadlocked) for official levels, but only 12 stars in the custom ones.

Geometry dash has a practice mode you can use for any level. Checkpoints are available in this mode, allowing the ball player to restart at checkpoints as opposed to the very beginning. These checkpoints are marked by green, diamond-shaped gems, resembling those from The Sims series.