Project Summary
General Relativity, crucial to our understanding of gravitation, has yet to be described in the same terms as every other fundamental force yet discovered. Many theories have been formulated which attempt to do this, and although they sometimes have large followings, none have succeeded so far. This project focuses on providing possible hints at how this goal could be reached.

By investigating different attempts at generating a quantum description of gravity, I got a general picture of how they succeeded, and how they failed, at doing so. The primary question was this: is there a simple pathway to understanding how gravity can be quantized? I put together a set of simple postulates from which I planned to derive some phenomena which are similar to gravity.

Three different concepts were imagined, and then the consequences of their assumptions were studied. Some surprising results came out, suggesting a general geometry for space-time, and offering insights into how things such as the spin of a particle might be generated by its embedding therein.

Concluding my efforts, it was discovered that none of the methods used to investigate those conceptual pathways were effective in actually providing a quantized description of gravity. Instead, the evidence suggests that, if the combined ideas which I studied were instead handled using more advanced methods, such as those used in quantum field theory, a more concrete field theory could be discovered. Such a theory has promise as a candidate for describing the quantum mechanics of gravity.


Project Summary
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