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Spirograph consists of a set of plastic gears and toothed rings. The smaller gears fit inside the larger rings, in such a fashion that they rotate around the inside or along the outside edge of the rings. To use it, a sheet of paper is placed on a heavy cardboard backing, and one of the plastic pieces is pinned to the paper and cardboard. Another plastic piece is placed so that its teeth engage with those of the pinned piece. For example, a ring may be pinned to the paper and a small gear placed inside the ring (although other arrangements are possible). The point of a pen is placed in a hole in the moving piece, so that it can draw a curved line on the paper as the hole moves. The pen is used both to draw and provide motive force; some practice is required before Spirograph can be operated without disengaging the fixed and moving pieces. ---Wikipedia---

These are not exactly spirograph  but I have decided to put these in that category because their visual effect is somewhat similar.

These are in fact rearrangement of toroids: something that you can easily build using a compass.

Spirograph seems to be coming back and back even though it is a relatively old trick. I remember making it as a child using a ruler that has a spirograph cog in it. I had always been fascinated by it.

Well, this is not exactly a spirograph but hope you appreciate the concept!