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The peripheral drift illusion (PDI) refers to a motion illusion generated by the presentation of a sawtooth luminance grating in the visual periphery. This illusion was first described by Faubert and Herbert (1999), although a similar effect called the "escalator illusion" was reported by Fraser and Wilcox (1979). A variant of the PDI was created by Kitaoka and Ashida (2003) who took the continuous sawtooth luminance change, and reversed the intermediate greys. Kitaoka has created numerous variants of the PDI, and one called "rotating snakes" has become very popular. The latter demonstration has kindled great interest in the PDI.

The illusion is easily seen when fixating off to the side, and then blinking as fast as possible. Most observers see the illusion easily when reading text (such as this article) with the illusion figure in the periphery. Motion is consistently perceived in a dark-to-light direction, so the two circles to the right should spin in opposite directions. ----Wikipedia

The following images was created using peripheral drift illusion (PDI). It is titled " Perpetual Motion". To see the real effect, click onto the image and see the enlarged version. You can see that the gears are actually moving. Incredible! 

Please note that epileptic people don't look at these images as doing so might trigger epileptic seizure for some.

Next image is titled "Reed Field". You will see why I name it so. Click onto the image and see the effect. You are definitely not tipsy!