Maths Art

This section shows  sundry images  related to mathematics and geometry.









These are the links to some of the artist who draw their inspiration from maths.


Maths has been a great contributor to visual art. Even though the contemporary art scene these days concerns more with creating emotional space and consequently has lost a good part of its audience for its bizarre, incomprehensible interpretation,  maths continues to  provide  means to attract ordinary people to  art.

I am personally fascinated by the purity of geometry. Its perfect harmony and the way it excites our eyes and mind gives me reasons to explore further into the realm of still unknown geometrical beauty.



This was created on Autocad by attaching half cut funnel shaped module in X,Yand Z axis.















This was created by arraying octagonal module in all X,Y,Z axes.


Many sea creatures adopt this type of radial confiuration. Does nature mimic geometry or is it the reverse?