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This would make a nice sculpture in a park or a collapsible bookshelf with a bit of design modification.

I created the the hanging structure below in my uni time, which was some 20 years ago. The beauty of this structure is that it can be extended downward simply by adding more zigzag shaped modules.  The resulting hanging structure has several different lattice producing views that looks so beautiful.

This shows how it is constructed. I am sure it would make a wonderful hanging sculpture in a classroom. 

This is a shot of one of its views. The structure is made out of perspex. 

This shows how would this look from side and underneath. 

There are many patterns floating around in the web looking similar to this one. But it seems that people don't realise its structural implication in 3D. Even though the picture shows 3  interlocking hexagonal lattices, it can be made into a hanging structure as in the above case. Can you figure out how?

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