3D Knot Tessellation


Sam Gak

Loop Knots

How to Draw a Complex Knot





Knots have been around as long as human history. In every  culture knots have played a vital part not just for their decorative quality but also for their practicality.

To me knots have practicality.  But now I look at them from an aesthetic angle. This changed my attitude toward it. For instance, Celtic Knots are real beauty to look at. Most of them are not knots that we use in practice. They are more suited to adorn a book cover rather than to be functional or to be mathematically contemplated upon.



Complex as may it look, the concept behind creating this type of knot is fairly simple. With a bit of hard look, it is easy to see a repetitive pattern emerging; this knot net is based on square tiles.


If you are interested in creating a similar knot pattern, have a look at my How to Draw a Complex Knot page to find out more.