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Authors/EditorsTitleISBNYear, PublisherOnline Link
H. K. Moffatt and Emily Shuckburgh Environmental Hazards: The Fluid Dynamics and Geophysics of Extreme Events ISBN-13 978-981-4313-28-5 World Scientific, 2011 - Science - 315 pages google 
Dale R Durran Numerical Methords for Wave Equation in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics  Springer  
Tim Palmer and Paul Williams Stochastic Physics and Climate Modelling 978-0-521-76105-5 2010, Cambridge Uni Press  
Bin Wang The Asian Monsoon  ISBN 978-3-540-40610-5 2006; Jointly published with Praxis Publishing, UK 2006, XLIX, 787 p. 100 illus. springerlink 
F. W. Taylor Elementary Climate Physics 0-19-856733-2 2005, Oxford Uni Press  
Eugenia Kalnay Atmospheric Modeling, Data Assimilation and Predictability 0-521-79179-0 2003, Cambridge  
Gangan Prathap Finite Element Analysis as Computation  2001 cmmacs 
Mike West and Jeff Harrison Bayesian Forecasting and Dynamic Models 0-387-94725-6  1997, Springer stat.duke 
Andy Pole, Mike West and Jeff Harrison Applied Bayesian Forecasting and Time Series Analysis & BATS software  0412044013  1994, CRC Press, USA stat.duke 
Peixoto P Jose, Abraham H. Oort Physics of Climate 0-88318-712-4 1992, Springer  
Julian P. McCreary, Jr. Model Wind-Driven Ocean Circulation   1980, Hawaii Institute of Geophysics nio 
George J Haltiner and Roger Terry Williams Numerical Prediction and Dynamic Meteorology 0-471-05971-4 1971, John Wiley and sons  
Showing 12 items

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