Google Earth

**NEW** Google Earth Studio: An animation tool for Google Earth's 3D and satellite imagery. Apply for access today.

Take your audience anywhere in the world with Google Earth's 3D map. There are several Google Earth features useful for journalists and storytellers:

  • Worldwide satellite imagery: Access global satellite imagery (updated weekly) and give your stories location context.
  • Historical imagery: Our archive of satellite imagery, going back years, makes for great before/after visualizations (JuxtaposeJS for sliders!). Learn more in this News Lab tutorial.
  • 3D Imagery and Buildings: Learn more about our 3D imagery, which adds a new level of detail to our map.
  • Render and export HD movies*: Useful for TV and video, record animations and render HD movie files. Get inspired!
  • Save high-res images*: Save satellite imagery as high-res JPEGs for use in print and online. Get started!

*Note that these features are only available in Google Earth Pro, available for free via the Earth website.

Licensing and Permissions

Learn about Google Earth usage guidelines, including attribution guidelines, by visiting the Google Permissions website. If you’d like to use our maps on television or in film, apply for our free broadcast license:

Google Earth in the news

See below for some uses of Google Earth in broadcast and on the web.

Clockwise from top left: 1) shows Sochi Olympic Village over time; 2) The Washington Post uses new 3D imagery in papal conclave infographic; 3) The Guardian maps the Boston Marathon bombings; 4) ABC News (2:50) uses 3D Buildings in Oklahoma tornado story; 5) Moto Sport Schweiz (Zurich) covers the Isle of Man race.