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 Wellcome to Geomaths in medicine, a site which aims at presenting a different view of analysis in medicine and epidemiology!

     Basic purpose of this site is the expression of our reflection over methodological patterns of analysis of epidemiological data (no matter which their source may be), in order to manage to apply the basic epidemiological questions that are based on four principles: disease-person-space-time (and NOT only the parameter of “person” which is the one that is usually analyzed in most of epidemiological researches). Every researcher should apply such methodologies that aim at testing each phenomenon as closer to its real environment as it is possible.

    Organs of human body (e.g. lungs or breast) as well as their functions are fractal. As a result, the most reasonable question would be the following: Why the result of their functions or the impact that they receive from external factors, should be considered as stochastic (which refers to linear methods of analysis), unconditionally? 

    Consequently, it would be mandatory for each researcher or statistician to set such questions before going on with the analysis, either if the data are unfolding in space or time. For instance, “Are my data stochastic, deterministic or of deterministic chaotic nature?” 

    On the other hand many researchers are studying a certain Health aspect in different regions or time periods, yet they do not apply appropriate methodological patterns.  So, why shouldn’t an utterly epidemiological phenomenon be analyzed following its four principles?  


What could I find here?
  • Methods: New, innovative methodologies applied on Medicine, Epidemiology, Public Health and other fields. Mathematical and biostatistical analysis and modeling, Spatial analysis, Remote sensing, Prediction models, Population models, Clustering and density methodologies, Time-series, New theories or models (created by us) and other methods that are useful for a modern, valid and reliable epidemiological research.
  • Analysis and results: Specific applications over various examples that our team carried out, with the use of geo-mathematical methods. Papers that are published in international scientific journals, posters or speeches in Conferences and general results of our research activity (maps, figures, tables, diagrams or short texts).
  • Extras: Various interesting data, figures, information and geospatial/mathematical material. The paradox or subject for extra thought, of the week.
  • Ask for a subject: ask us to find/analyse/talk about... your own subject!
  • Comments/ questions/ suggestions are wellcomed among all the sections of this site.

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