Brown Bag Talks

In past years, weekly Geology "Brown Bag" talks were organized by department faculty members.  New talks are student-driven as a function of the Geology Club at UGA. Geology Club officers coordinate the speakers for each semester.

Please consider giving a talk, or send any ideas for talks to the Geology Club officers.   The environment for the talks is very informal, and presentations do not have to be perfect or complete.  Talks will range on a wide variety of topics, and may appeal to other groups on campus as well, such as Ecology, Geography, Water Resources, and Marine Science.  Feel free to invite your friends and colleagues from other scientific disciplines.

- Class projects (example: Lagerstattens in Walker’s undergraduate class)
- Colloquium speakers who are willing to give a talk on a different subject
- Practice Master’s Theses defenses
- Senior Theses, past & present (good opportunity for UGA students who are required to present!)
- General research (i.e. side research projects, etc.)
- Travelogue or informal trip reports
- Functional/practical knowledge or “how-to” talks
- Representatives from campus offices such as Career Center, Science Library, etc.
- Interactive talks where attendees bring a specific project to work on during the period.

If you have any questions, contact our Brown Bag coordinator, Karly Pecua(k2pecua@uga)