The Geology Club at UGA outreach program is built around the mission of the club.  The Geology Club provides a way for anyone to get involved with geology and learn more about the field.  The Geology Club strives to improve the understanding of geology and geosciences at all levels.   
Many school classrooms and educational groups are in need of resources to teach youth about geology.  Through the Geology Club at UGA a request may be made to have a UGA geology student visit your class room, Boy Scout group, Girl Scout group, etc. to teach the basics of geoscience.  To request a UGA geology student to visit your classroom or group, please e-mail the outreach officers (see Officers page).
Geology Club at UGA is also currently expanding their campus outreach by taking part in events such as the Fall and Winter student activities fair. The Geology Club strives to work with other on-campus groups, such as Students for Environmental Action (SEA) and other other clubs that promote environmental awareness.
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UGA geology students partner with the Georgia Museum of Natural History to let young students handle a diverse collection of rock and fossil samples.  These samples are part of the museum science box outreach program.  Here are some examples of items contained in the geology science box:
Find-a-Fossil Class Set   a. Bucket of fossils
  b. 5 sorting trays   c. Instruction guide
Introductory Fossil collection Fossil Display Pack
Find-a-Mineral Class Set   a. Bucket of minerals
  b. 5 sorting trays   c. Instruction guide
  d. Granite sample   e. Sandstone sample
  f. Gneiss sample Barite (1)
Kaolin (1) Biotite (1)
Bauxite (1) Pyrite (1)
Talc (1) Calcite (1)
Dolomite (1) Horneblende (1)
Magnetite (1) Quartz (1)
Gypsum (1) Olivine (1)
Halite (1) Limonite (1)
Muscovite (1) Gneiss (2)
Marble-pink (2) Marble-white (2)
Hornfels (2) Quartzite-pink (2)
Quartzite-white (2) Schist-mica (2)
Schist-horneblende (2) Breccia (2)
Dolomite (2) Banded Dolomite (2)
Coquina Limestone (2) Limestone (2)
Sandstone (2) Shale (2)
Andesite (2) Diabase (2)
Porphyritic Granite (2) Gray Granite (2)
Obsidian (2) Diorite (2)
Pumice (2) Rhyolite (2)
Rocks & Minerals ID Kit (6)   a. Glass Plate
  b. Streak Plate   c. Penny
  d. Nail   e. Magnifying Lens
  f. Magnet   g. Tweezers
Fossil Molds Kit Coal (2)
Conglomerate Rocks & Minerals Guide
First Guide Rocks & Minerals (5) Golden Guide to Fossils (4)
Fossils Field Guide Everybody Needs A Rock
Magic School Bus Inside the Earth Best book of Fossils, Rocks & Minerals
Eyewitness: Rocks & Minerals (video) Geologic Time Poster
Celebrating 25 Years DVD