Mission, Goals, & History


The Geology Club is a professional organization of persons dedicated to the pursuit and improvement of geology and geosciences at all levels.  The club shall promote the Geology Department within the university community, the Athens community, within the state of Georgia, and beyond.  The club will facilitate interdisciplinary activities between the Geology department and other UGA departments, as well as with other universities' geoscience programs.  Interdisciplinary activities will include the coordination of collaborative events and field trips, etc. 
The Geology Club will provide a way for non-Geology majors to get involved with the Geology Department and learn more about the field.  The club will help provide a resource list of scholarships, grants, internships, research opportunities, and other opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and encourage members to apply for prestigious honors and awards.  The Geology Club will encourage and support undergraduate research in the UGA Geology Department, by working to provide financial resources, publicity, and incentives. The club will also serve as an avenue for graduate students to mentor undergraduate students within the UGA Geology department. The club will provide continuing support of UGA Geology department alumni by informing the community of graduates' successful careers, and helping alumni to stay connected with the UGA Geology department.  


- Raise funds for self-sustaining endowment for an undergraduate field school scholarship and solicit faculty support
- Establish effective programs and guidelines for the operation of the club that will help it continue to thrive after current faculty & students have moved on
- Hold fundraisers to support club initiatives (including the field school scholarship)
- Establish graduate student and alumni mentorship of undergraduates
- Send regular press releases highlighting member accomplishments to be published in media outlets such as Red & Black, UGA Columns, the ABH, etc. (work with Faculty Vision Committee) 

- Coordinate a "brown bag" speaker series that encourages participation from the UGA Geology department, alumni, and professionals

- Build professional relationships with organizations on the UGA campus as well as other geoscience organizations throughout the state

- Actively support the Georgia Natural History Museum



In 2009, the Geology Club at UGA was established for the first time as an official UGA student organization through the leadership of Joelle Freeman and Dr. Sally Walker.  A comprehensive mission statement was developed by a group of active students, along with a constitution governing the organization of the club.  The new mission of the club focuses on enriching the excellent academic programs of the UGA Geology Department to create an outstanding and cooperative community of geoscientists.   The expired Sigma Gamma Epsilon chapter membership was renewed.  In 2010, the Geology Club at UGA voted to also become a student chapter of the American Institure of Professional Geologists. A group of enthusiastic and talented officers have been working to extend the sphere of influence of the club since its official establishment.

The current constitution is available below as an attachment.
UGA Geology Club,
Feb 11, 2010, 7:07 PM