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Notes from 2/11/10 General Meeting

Notes from 2/11/10 General Meeting:

* February Geology Club Meeting
- Thursday at 5:00 pm 
- Room 200A, Geology building

* Financial Update
- Budget request packet for 2010-2011 year is available in March
- Current funds situation = ~$330 (money raised from the collection of dues,bake sales, and gifts)
- Summary of purchases(pizza, club banner, etc.)
>Club Banner: Decided its a good idea, Simple design is best to last many years, more details at next meeting (such as "homemade" vs professionally done, etc.)

* Fundraising update and plans
- Darwin Day/Valentines Day Bake Sale Friday 2/12
- Status of alumni / faculty fundraising efforts
- Purchase of Geology Club promo items ?
>Key chains?, rock candy?, bottle openers?  (decision will be determined via email before the next meeting so that they can be made and handed out at the Regional   
                Geological Society of America meeting - 3/13)

* Official Geology Club at UGA T-shirts!
- $12 each
- Medium shade of Green with white letters.
>Club logo on the back w/ established 4.6 billion years ago, Geology Club at UGA on front left corner
-Will be ordered Wednesday 2/17 so email Josh or Holly if you want to get one!
- Must pay before recieving your shirt.  They will be handed out at the next meeting (3/4).
- Those of you who requested a shirt at this months meeting are:
>James Humma (S), Tony Gesualdo (M), Joshua Miller (L), Will Stephens (L), Hillary Sletten (M), Julie Powell (L), Rachel Cheatham (S), Abigail Maxwell (S), Claire Stice (M),
                Morgan Rosenberg (M), Austin Brown (M), Katrina Ostrowicki (S), Holly Herrin (L), Chris Fleisher (XL, 2L), Morgan McGill (M), Steve Fitzpatrick (XL, S) Amy Jo Tweedell (M), 
                Paul Schroeder (XL), John Dowd (XL), Dana Susina (S), Adam Sarafian(M), Alex Fay (L)

* Rock Show at the Caledonia
- Scheduled the last Thursday in April (4/29)
- More details at the next meeting

* Darwin Week events
- Thanks Sally!

* Winter Student Activities fair = SUCCESS!!!
- ~10 more people have been added to our listserv
- Promo items would've come in handy (for future reference)

* Tellus Museum and New Riverside Ochre Mine trip
- Reschedule date is currently Saturday, Feb. 20
>leaving time is 10 am

* Regional Geological Society of America meeting
- March 13-16, 2010, Baltimore MD
- Early registration deadline has passed, but registration is still open (~$65: student members)
- Will take department vans (vans and gas are provided by the Geoglogy Department)
- Hotel registration deadline: 20 February 2010
>Sheraton Baltimore City Center Hotel, rooms are from $139-$179
>Possible sharing of rooms can be worked out amongst the people who decide to go
- Possibility to have your registration covered if you volunteer to work at the meeting.  For Details, contact Dana.

* Student research presentation at the Atlanta Geological society
- Tuesday, March 30, Fernbank Museum in  Atlanta
- The more presenters the better! (email Tony)

* Colloquium on Geology field school (date TBA - possibly last Thursday in March)
- Need photos and tips from those who have gone
- Need questions from those who will go

* Geology Brown Bag Talks
- KEY WORDS:Informal and fashionable
- Take home message:DON’T MISS ‘EM
- Yummier than field school lunches!!!
- Love to have volunteers to present!  Contact Horry or Hillary!

* Geology Softball Team
- Co-ed, but is really lacking females
- Games : Sunday at 5pm
- Practices are TBA

* Natural History Museum on Campus
- We're working out a day to visit/tour (Tony - date TBA)
- We're interested in including it in our Publicity and  lending our support!

* Graves Mountain trip 3/30 (Thanks Morgan and family)

* Possible Botannical Gardens Trip ?

* Camping/Caving Trip scheduled for April
- Exact date is TBA

* General Info
- Next meeting is MARCH 4, 2010(One week early because of Spring Break)
- The Geology Club website is available on the website in three places (undergrad/grad overview, and alumni menu)
>Direct link:
- The Geology Club at UGA Facebook group has over 100 members!  
- You can join the UGA Geology Department group on LinkedIn