The Lockbox

You are in a room. You are standing motionless. Staring. A single object is before you. It is a box. But not just any box. It is a special box. For inside, you know it contains the most precious, powerful, and amazing item in the history of the world. However, one small problem....the box is LOCKED! Do you have the cunning wit and super sleuth skills to crack the code and open the box? For if you are the first one to open the box, you will not only be forever known as the best code breaker of all time but will also get to keep what is inside the box! Your face turns red. Your legs begin to tremble as you now fully understand the task before you and feel the weight of this burden. Use your brain! It is your best code-breaker weapon. Search this site high and low, for there are many clues hidden within. Things may be more than meets the eye! So I say to you, "Will you be the first to open the box?" Good Luck!