Geocaching with Kids in the Bay Area

Why Go Geocaching? 

Geocachers on Mission Peak sign the log.Geocaching is a great way to get kids and adults outside and active. 

  • You start out using the computer to find the information you need, so it appeals to people who like to use computers. 
  • You get to use a hand-held device, so it appeals to people who like gadgets. 
  • You go outdoors and find new places, so it appeals to hikers, cyclists, dog walkers, photographers, and other outdoors enthusiasts.

Some schools and homeschooling families use geocaching for physical education or science/math lessons. Families or kids' groups who just want a fun activity can also reap the benefits geocaching has to offer.

Click HERE to read about findings by the Outdoor Industry Association regarding Americans and the outdoors.


What is Geocaching?

Why Go Geocaching?




What You Will Need to Go Geocaching

Where to Go Geocaching

Getting Started in Geocaching