Geocaching with Kids in the Bay Area

 What You Will Need to Go Geocaching

    Here is a basic list, followed by further explanation:
      Hat and GPS unit
    • GPS receiver (optional, but recommended)
    • account
    • a pen or pencil
    • small items for trading
    • supplies for outdoor activities

    Most people consider the bare necessities to be a GPS receiver and a way to get where you want to go (car, bike, train, bus, etc.). However, some people just use Google Earth and very thorough notes to plan their geocaching journeys.

    You will want to set up an account on (free basic or paid premium), and you will want to bring something with you to sign the logs. You will probably want to obtain a GPS receiver as well, and you may want to gather some small toys and other items to use for trading in the geocaches, especially if you will have kids with you.

    In addition, if you're going to be outdoors, you will want sturdy footwear, appropriate layers of clothing, and water bottles, as well as a small first aid kit.

    Of course, you can buy or acquire other materials. See "Equipment and Costs" and "Where to Shop" for more information.


    What is Geocaching?

    Why Go Geocaching?

    What You Will Need to Go Geocaching

    Equipment and Costs

    Where to Shop

    Where to Go Geocaching

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