Geocaching with Kids in the Bay Area

What is Geocaching? 

Cameron shows off his geocacher duck.

Geocaching is a fun activity sometimes called a high-tech hide-and-seek game. Follow the links (at right) to learn more about what it is and what kinds of activities make up this pastime some call a hobby and others call a sport.

(Video used with permission of its creator.)

You can get started geocaching by visiting, which is a website that lists over 650,000 geocaches hidden all over the world. You enter the coordinates (latitude and longitude) into a GPS (global positioning satellite) receiver and let it lead you to the hidden treasure. Just remember to sign the log and leave the geocache there for others to find.

Geocachers refer to non-geocachers as "muggles," a term borrowed from the Harry Potter series of books. Geocachers try to operate in stealth mode so that "muggles" don't get curious and take or vandalize hidden geocaches or their contents. When you go geocaching, try not to get noticed by people who may wonder what you're up to!