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1506 How many countries are 3000 miles or longer in any direction?

How many countries are 3000 miles or longer in any direction?

1574 This country is recognized as the most populous country in Africa

Nigeria is recognized as the most populous country in Africa


1595 Of the 3,000 islands of the Bahaman chain in the Caribbean, how many are inhabited?

A) 20 B.) 287 C.) 964

Of the 3,000 islands of the Bahama chain in the Caribbean, 20 are inhabited

1605 Name the only two countries which are land locked countries in South America

Paraguay and Bolivia are the only two landlocked countries in South America.

1615 This country is the leading industrial nation in Latin America.

Chile is the leading industrial nation in Latin America.

1703 Which nation is referred to as "The Giant of Africa?"

Nigeria. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa with over 130 million people. The population is about one fifth of the entire continent. In economy too, Nigeria is at the very top of the African charts with its oil and exports business coming up well. On many other parameters also Nigeria is rated among the powers of Africa and is therefore called "the Giant of Africa."

"I've always thought that underpopulated countries in Africa are vastly underpolluted."

Ñ Lawrence Summers, chief economist of the World Bank

1725 What is the only country in Africa never to have been colonized by a European power?



1728 What percentage of the 332 million folks connected to the Internet in 2000 lived in Africa?

United States officials said that information technology held promise for creating economic opportunity as well as improving access to health care and education. But they noted that while there are now an estimated 332 million people connected via the Internet around the world, only 1 percent live in Africa.

5 percent of the computers connected to the Internet are in developing countries.

1742 This mountain region in Asia is sometimes known as "The Roof of the World."

Tibet. Tibet is under the rule of China since the 1950s and is predominantly a Buddhist country. The Mountain range of Pamirs is also known as the roof of the world.

More people study English in China than speak it in the United States of America (300 million).

1777 Which Central American country was a British colony until the latter part of the 20th century?

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Belize. Formerly called British Honduras.

1800 Are there any Amish communities in Europe?

There are no Amish left in Europe; The Amish were saved from extinction by William Penn who granted a haven from religious persecution in America. Since early colonial days the Amish have lived in the United States preserving their distinctive culture, dress, language and religion in peace

I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them. There were great numbers of people who needed new land, and the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves.

Ñ John Wayne

1842 What is only state with a one syllable name?

The only state with a one syllable name is Maine.

1849 How many people fly over the US every hour?

On average, over 60000 people fly over the US every hour.

1863 Which US president was born in both Delaware and Ohio?

You must mean Delaware, Ohio, birthplace of President Rutherford B. Hayes, the 19th president.

1903 What is the only country to speak Dutch in South America?

Suriname. Suriname was a former Dutch colony.

1907 This South American country is also known as "Little Venice".

Venezuela. Venezuela literally means "Little Venice". It was the explorer Alonso de Ojeda who gave the country its name. Arriving at Lake Maracaibo in the late 15th century, he admired the stilted houses that the Indians had built above the lake and called the place Venezuela.

1912 What is the largest country (by area) in the world that borders on only one other country?

Canada. Unbelievable as it seems, the 2nd largest country in the world only has one neighbor, the United States. The United States is the 4th largest country and only has 2 neighbors (Canada and Mexico). The largest country in the world, Russia, borders 13 countries, while China, the world's third largest country borders a whopping 14!

1956 Adult literacy rates in some developing countries are appalling. Which country has the lowest literacy rate?

Niger. The literacy rate of Niger is 15.3 percent. This is understandable when taking into account that it is the second poorest country in the world

I want to gain 1500 or 2000 yards, whichever comes first.

Ñ George Rogers, New Orleans Saints running back

Did you know that 85.7% of statistics are made up?

2020 What is the largest island in Asia?

The largest island on the Asian continent is Borneo.

10 of the world's 25 largest islands are in Asia:

1 Borneo Indonesia, Malaysia + Brunei 734,000 sq. km

2 Sumatra Indonesia 434,000

3 Honshu Japan 227,000

4 Celebes Indonesia 179,000

5 Java Indonesia 127,000

6 Luzon Philippines 105,000

7 Mindanao Philippines 95,000

8 Hokkaido Japan 78,000

9 Sakhalin Russia 76,000

10 Sri Lanka 66,000

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2024 This small nation is in Central America, between Guatemala and Mexico. Formerly known as British Honduras, Queen Elizabeth II is still head of state here.

Belize is a great place for the adventurer, with Mayan temples, rainforests, and the Great Barrier Reef. There are hiking, fishing, diving and snorkeling, and many opportunities to explore nature, archaeological and national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and marine reserves. It's somewhat off the beaten path for tourists, if you prefer to avoid crowds. Special Attraction: Altun Ha Mayan archaeological site

2061 In which European nation does it rain the most?


2062 When did Great Britain lose its Empire status?

After the independence of India after W.W.II

2063 What countries are referred to as the Benelux countries?


lgium, NE therlands, LUX embourg



2070 Which war is associated with the Berlin Wall?

The Cold War. The Cold War is associated with the Berlin Wall because it was the war between the Soviet Bloc and the West. As the Cold War came to an end and the Communist States were crumbling, the Berlin Wall was torn down. The Iron Curtain was also started to open when Hungary opened her borders to Austria early in September 1989.

2080 What type of climate does Greece have?

mild, wet winters, hot, dry summers. This type of climate is known as a Mediterranean climate

2086 What is Greece's national airline called?

Olympic Airways. Greece's main airports include: Ellikon in Athens and Macedonia in Thessaloniki.

2107 What concession earned $862,000 in just 5 months at the Chicago Worlds Fair in 1933?

The pay toilets at a nickel a shot.

2110 What is the largest ethnic group in Nebraska?


2111 What two bicycle manufacturers from Dayton, Ohio went on to become two of the most famous people of the last century?

Wilbur and Orville Wright, perhaps? I wouldn't say they're the most famous people from the last century, but they would certainly rank among the most important.

Their fame was particularly great in the years just after their first manned flight. Kings, presidents, and other heads of state all had their pictures taken with them.

2128 What does 'Canada' mean?

From the Native word KANATA= village There is also a suburb of Ottawa, Canada's Capital city, named Kanata. It's where the Ottawa Senators NHL team play.

2131 What is unusual about the populations of Australia, Mongolia and New Zealand?

There seems to be way too many sheep in comparison to humans.

2142 What natural resource, discovered in the 1970s replaced bananas a EcuadorÕs leading export?

Oil is now Ecuador's leading export

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2155 How do the blind tell the difference between different paper money of US, and other countries and do any use Braille?

In the US all bills are exactly alike as far as thickness, size, etc. New bills are being printed that have large numbers and high contrast for those with some usable vision, but there is no way to tell the bills apart by touch. In the US you would need someone else's assistance to determine the different bills and then develop a method of keeping them.

In the UK and Australia, different notes are different widths and lengths but it's something you have to learn, or you can use a gadget called a note gauge to measure them.

In Canada they are rolling-out a new paper currency that embosses a select number of Braille cells for each denomination.


2187 Which is colder, the North or South pole?

The South Pole has a mean annual temperature of - 58 degrees Fahrenheit and the North Pole has mean annual temperature of -0.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

2188 Is it possible that there are other galaxies with planets that have air?

Not only possible - or even probable - but virtually impossible that there aren't any such planets.

2200 To how many African nations do United States airlines operate scheduled services?

9, Tunisia, Morocco, Libya, South Africa, Algeria, Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and Madagascar. Those are the ones I know of.

2201 Which is the only African Country where the entire populace speaks the same language: Somalia, Kenya or Zimbabwe?

None of the above. Somalia probably is the right answer here, with Somali being the 'official' language and the others being 'imports'. In the other countries there are so many regional dialects that it takes a National language, such as Swahili or English, for the people to understand each other.

2234 What is the average age for the total population in Japan?

According to one of my favorite sources (the CIA) the median age of the population is 42.3 years.

2235 When did Japan declare war on Germany?

August 23, 1914

2242 By what name do citizens of India know their country?

Hindustan and Bharat

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2243 What does the word Islam mean?

Islam means obedience to the will of God, submission, humbling one's self, resigning one's self to the divine disposal. The word Islam means: submission from Arabic aslama , to surrender to resign oneself from Syriac aslem, derived from slem to be complete ine Semic root.

The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of Christianity which was named after Jesus Christ, Buddhism after Gotama Buddha, Confucianism after Confucius, and Marxism after Karl Marx. Nor was it named after a tribe like Judaism after the tribe of Judah and Hinduism after the Hindus. Islam represents the central principle of Allah's 'God's' religion; the total submission to the will of Allah 'God'.

2259 What Asian country's name means 'the land of the free'?

Thailand Maybe also Liberia. Kazachstan

2271 Why did the Czech Republic and Slovakia split into two separate countries?

Both of these nations were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before the Great War. After World War II, they were bunged together to make country, even though they had very little to do with each other. The first chance they got after the Russians admitted they could manage their own affairs, they split up. It's widely believed that the split that took effect in 1993 was encouraged by Czechs in the government who saw Slovakia as economically backward (which it was)and as a burden to the Czech lands

2276 Do all of the former Soviet republics border Russia?

No, a few of them don't have a direct border with what is now just Russia. I don't know if I can come up with them all, but these don't: Armenia, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgystan

2283 Out of a 2005 list of the world 159 most corrupt countries, where did Bangladesh fall? (159 means most corrupt, 1 is the least)

158th Only Chad ranked lower. In many studies Bangladesh has been ranked the most corrupt, and in 2004 shared the top spot with Nigeria. Finland ranked the least corrupt.

2298 Is it true that France grows more wheat than Canada?

In 1996 France produced 35.86 million metric tons and Canada 30.50 million metric tons.

2301 What do Finland police do instead of issuing parking tickets?

In Helsinki, Finland, instead of giving parking tickets, the police usually deflate tires.

2303 In which European nation does it rain the most?


2306 How many islands does Estonia have?


2307 Which generally take longer, flights from Europe to America or America to Europe and why?

Flights coming from the East (could be Europe or from the East Coast of the USA flying to the West Coast), take longer because they are traveling through (against) the Jet Stream. Likewise flights traveling West to East have a tailwind behind them, that helps the planes arrive a little faster.

2311 What city in the world has the most Spanish speaking people?

I think it must be Mexico City, since it's one of the biggest cities in the world and Spanish is the principal language of Mexico.

2315 Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?

Sicily is just the largest, at 25,700 sq. km and with a population of around 5 million in 2005. Sardinia comes next, almost as big at 24,090 sq. km and with a population of 1.65 million. Then Cyprus at 9,240 sq. km with slightly over 740,000 and finally Corsica at 8,680 sq. km with around 272,000.

2319 In which country are many boys born after 2001 are named after Osama bin Laden?

In Pakistan, newborn baby boys are now regularly named after Osama bin Laden

2347 By area what is the largest county in the US.?

'San Bernardino County, California

2353 Every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to do this hygienic practice once a year. What is it?

It is a crime to bathe less than once a year in Kentucky.

2355 What book is the stolen the most from public libraries?

Guinness Book of Records,

2373 In what year did the Mormons first settle on the land that is now Utah?

1848. As of 2001, the state's population is 70 percent Mormon

2405 Texas is one of the three largest states in the country. How many counties does it have, total?


2419 Which state is home to the most Native Americans?


2425 What is the largest university in the United States?

The University of Texas at Brownsville has the highest enrollment with 48,906 students with The Ohio State University in Columbus a close second with an enrollment of 48,511 students.

2436 Tonga is a republic. True or False?

No, Tonga is a kingdom.

2437 Tonga comprises twenty islands in the southwest Pacific. True or False?

No, the Kingdom of Tonga comprises 170 islands and islets.

2460 What three countries in South America have the equator passing through them?

Ecuador, Brazil, Colombia

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2474 Where is the longest paved road in the world and what is its length?

Trans-Canada Highway, 4860 miles

2479 What word is spelled the same in 9 different languages?




2482 What countries in the world do not have a military?

The following is a list of other world nations that (as of March 2006), did not have a military (although some may have security units):

1) Andorra, 2) Costa Rica, 3) Dominica, 4) Grenada, 5) Haiti, 6) Iceland, 7) Kiribati, 8) Liechtenstein, 9) Maldives, 10) Marshall Islands, 11) Mauritius, 12) Monaco, 13) Nauru, 14) Palau, 15) Panama, 16) San Marino, 17) Solomon Islands, 18) St. Kitts and Nevis, 19) St. Lucia, 20) St. Vincent and the Grenadines, 21) Samoa, 22) Tuvalu, 23) Vanuatu, and 24) Vatican City.


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2486 The world's longest railway trip without changing trains is between which two cities and what is its length in kilometers?

The world's longest run without changing trains is 10,214 km. (6,346 miles), from Moscow, Russia, to Pyongyang, North Korea. One train a week takes this route, which takes almost eight days

2504 How many nations are bisected by the equator?

Excluding Pacific micro-states: 10

2507 What percent of the earth is made of glaciers?

Glaciers occupy about 11 percent of the Earth's land surface.

2521 What is the most polluted major city


Mexico City

2522 Which continent has the most countries



2527 How do you write zero in Roman numerals?

You don't. The concept of zero was introduced to Europe in the middle ages via Muslim Spain

2554 What is Queen Elizabeth's last name?

House and Family of Windsor, and that her descendants, other than female descendants who marry and their descendants, shall bear the name of Windsor.'

2590 What is the largest Internet search engine as of May 2003


Google. Google has over 2.2 billion indexed pages and started in 1998 with a total staff of 4 people.

2603 What is the largest state in the USA east of the Mississippi River?


2615 What percentage of Americans own a TV?

%age of US households that own a TV = 99 own three or more sets = 66

Average number of sets per household = 2.24.

2690 Where is the largest international airport terminal in North America?

San Francisco International Airport

2691 Which international airport in the US has the lowest safety record?

Newark, NJ, the security there is a joke. Could be Los Angeles the whole place is LAX

2749 Did the Kurds have an independent Kurdish republic?

They are the largest ethnic group without their own state. The Kurds were one of many ethnic groups which lived under the Ottoman rule. Before the Ottomans, they were nomadic.

2791 Which was the first Soviet Republic to declare independence from Moscow in 1991?


2809 The Bosporus is a strait separating what large land masses?

Asia and Europe. It's Turkey on both sides of The Bosporus--in fact, the city of Istanbul straddles this strait.

2811 Which country is Britain's oldest ally, with no conflicts in over 900 years?

I have always thought it was Portugal.

2848 What famous American woman wrote 'Silent Spring', the first book documenting many of the problems caused by pesticides?

Rachel Carson. Carson, who write in the 60s, was one of the founders of the modern environmental movement.

2849 What Great Lakes state produced almost twice as many cranberries as Massachusetts in 1999?


2856 Did the Confederacy ever mint coins?

After secession, the CSA thought about making coins like those used in the Union, Only two coins ever made and they were the Confederate 50 cents and 1 cent. The CSA also designed a $5 and $20 Gold piece but none were ever minted.


2861 How many chests of tea were dumped overboard at the Boston Tea Party, Dec. l6, 1773?

342 chests In 1773, Bostonians dressed up as Indians and threw a mixture of Ceylon and Darjeeling tea from Sri Lanka and India into the Boston Harbor. This was known as the Boston Tea Party. The British called it an outrage. The Bostonians planned the whole thing at the Old South Meeting House. Today the cost of the amount of tea that was thrown into the Harbor would be worth about one million dollars (which is why King Gorge was furious).

2863 Who is the only person to play for the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins all in the same year?

Larry Legend never played hockey. Johnny Kiley, the organist.

2865 What is the only US state that has no counties within its borders?

Louisiana Parrish the thought.

2872 Which state is home to the most Native Americans?

Oklahoma The Five Civilized Tribes were the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole. They were resettled in eastern Oklahoma by the government.

2873 Which state is the biggest meat-packing center in the world?

Nebraska. Nebraska is home to the Oregon Trail landmarks and Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer in Grand Island. It is also one of the major farm states in the country.

2874 What state currently stores the most nuclear weapons for the United States?


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2895 Are there any quadruple meeting points of countries in this world, four countries' borders meeting at a common point?

Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia in Southern Africa The meeting of Namibia and Zimbabwe is dubious and is still debated by geographers. If they do meet, it occurs in the middle of a river and is the world's only true quadripoint.

Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are all immediately visible from the shores of the Gulf of Elat. Egypt does not immediately border Jordan but it's just a 30-foot swim across Israeli waters.

2903 Some folks theorize that thousands of years ago these straits were bridged by land, and that people from one continent crossed the land connection to become the first inhabitants of another, unoccupied continent.

Bering Strait. The Bering Strait separates Siberia from Alaska. Perhaps some especially hardy Asians (it's awfully cold up there) crossed there and became the ancestors of North American and South American native peoples, more than 20,000 years back.

2911 This group of islands lies off the African coast and is a dependency of Spain. It contains the third largest volcano on Earth, Mt. Teide; it is also the highest mountain in Spain. What is the collective name for these islands?

Canary Islands. The Canary Islands were the setting for the infamous 1977 Tenerife aviation disaster, in which 583 people died when landing KLM Flight 4805 hit the taxiing Pam Am Flight 1736. This was the worst aviation disaster until the September 11 attack on the World Trade Center in New York City.

2929 Which southeast Asian country has been named as the world's most disaster - prone according to a Belgian think tank, The Center for Research and Epidemiology of Disasters in 2000?

The Philippines is the most disaster prone country in the world. It is known for its Mount Pinatubo eruption, disastrous typhoons, floods, garbage and land slides in Metro Manila, and for the war in Mindanao. At the end of the International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction (1990-2000), the Philippines was still at the top of the list of countries hit by disasters, These records show that the Philippines was hit by an average of 10 disasters a year since 1991 compared to 8 disasters a year from 1900 to 1991

2939 Which countries have an official land boundary with Indonesia?

Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

2946 Indonesia was formerly known as...?

Dutch East Indies.

2947 Indonesia has an estimated number of 6,000 inhabited islands. But what is the estimated total number of islands?


2953 How many movies are released in India every year?

Varies from year to year but India IS the largest producer of films........In 1990 a record 948 films in 23 languages were produced in India.

2957 What is the only Central American country not to have Spanish as its official language?

Belize. Belize was a British territory formerly known as British Honduras


2958 What Caribbean islands did the US purchase from Denmark in 1917 to keep the Germans from building a submarine base?

US Virgin Islands On March 31, 1917, the US took formal possession of the Danish West Indies. Renamed the Virgin Islands, this chain consists of St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John and about 50 other small islands, most of which are uninhabited. Lying about 65 kilometers east of Puerto Rico at the end of the Greater Antilles, the US purchased the islands from Denmark for $25 million because of their strategic location in relation to the Panama Canal



2982 With how many countries does Hungary border?

8. These 8 countries are: Austria, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia and Montenegro.

2989 How long is the Hungarian coastline?

There is no coastline.

2994 Which is the smallest of the former Soviet republics?

Armenia. It's only 11,506 square miles. Its capital and largest city is Yerevan

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