Online Resources

To access the resources (articles, videos, maps, photos) listed under the Diigo "IB Geography FAIS" group:
  • Click on the Diigo icon to the left
  • OR create a Diigo account and subscribe to “IB Geography FAIS” group. This allows you to receive notifications when new bookmarks are posted on the group, add/tag your own bookmarks to this group, or create your own online library of bookmarks
To sort through the hundred to bookmarked resources and find only the ones relevant to your study theme, simply select or combine the tags listed the right-hand "tag" sidebar of the online library (e.g. "Urban Environments" + "India" + "Video"). Note that slides found in the photocopied booklets can also be seen by selecting the tag "slides". Just click "view all" on the right-hand "tag" sidebar to view all tags available in the online "IB Geography FAIS" library. Watch this tutorial to learn how to use Diigo.