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Within the library's databases are a number of journals that are on Dr. Chapman's approved list of resources for your project.  Here is a list of those journals.  If you want to search one of these specifically, choose the Journal tab on the library homepage and then type in the name of one of these geography journals to get access to the journal.  Learn DIY Citation Tracing @ The Carl B. to make this process efficient.

Image: http://www.amradel.org

Searching Tip: Use your knowledge that these titles provide good quality information to help you determine what to keep and what to leave off of your list of resources after you have built a good search.  Don't try to limit your searching to these titles alone--you will be frustrated, and you will probably miss something valuable.

Americas (OAS publication)
Annals of the Association of American Geographers
Applied Geography
Canadian Geographical Journal
China Review International
Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review
Economic Geography
Ethics and the Environment
Ethics, Place and Environment
Focus (American Geographical Society)
Gender, Place and Culture
Geographical Analysis
Geographical Journal
Geographical Review
Journal of Asian Studies
Journal of Geography
Journal of Latin American Geography
Northeast African Studies
Political Geography
Population and Development Review
Professional Geographer
Progress in Human Geography