Geoglyphs of Titicaca

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Geoglyphs are drawings on the surface of the Earth. Sometimes, they can be seen by means of satellite imagery.

On September 2010, I was investigating the possibility to see with Google Maps the "raised fields" near the Lake Titicaca. These fields are creating a huge network of earthworks,  covering a total of 120,000 hectares of the land near the lake. This network is the result of an almost unimaginable agricultural effort of ancient Andean people. Terraced hills and earthworks are the remains of an extensive ancient agricultural system built and used by  Andean populations centuries ago, throughout the vast high plain surrounding the Lake Titicaca. This system improved soil conditions, the temperature and moisture conditions  for crops. These remains of the prehistoric agricultural system  are providing evidence of the impressive engineering abilities of the people who lived there in pre-Columbian times. 

Google satellite imagery shows the slopes of hills criss-crossed with the walls of terraced fields and the surfaces of the plains densely covered with earthworks. In fact, some man-made landforms are geoglyphs, representing animals,  where ponds are their eyes. Other geoglyphs are geometric drawings. These landforms are huge, and therefore the satellite imagery is the best imaging method to record them. The following image is an example.

As you can imagine, these old geoglyphs are subjected to the destiny to be widened and flattened as a consequence of natural degradation  processes.

But, in this case, they are also subjected to the action of the modern agricultural methods. I am then searching for all the structures on the Peruvian part of the region near Titicaca.

You can find further readings:

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News and translations (Spanish), from ConNuestroPeru, Lima, Peru.

sábado, 09 de octubre de 2010 
Geoglifos del Titicaca

viernes, 08 de octubre de 2010
Titicaca: Descubren gigantescos geoglifos que compiten con las líneas de Nazca

viernes, 08 de octubre de 2010

Formas simbólicas de tierra creadas mediante antiguos terraplenes cerca del lago Titicaca

Amelia Carolina Sparavigna

Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Few images

The place of the bird and antbear.

A bird


A bird

The head of the snake with the forked tongue.
 Head of bird
 Star and Stripes

Another AMAZING area is near the shore of the lake, please visit

The muzzle of a llama

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