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This site is a template site for teachers who wish to set up a Google Site to embed Geogebra applets easily and set up online Geogebra lesson activities for pupils to access.

The pages on this site are not necessarily complete or relevant to your own lesson. Please edit and amend the links, pages to fit your own lessons. 

The following are very useful page templates
1. ggblessontemplate:- use it to embed ggb files as applets 
2. participantsworkdirectory template:- create links to new pages which allow pupils to upload & embed Geogebra files as applets.
3. lesson feedback form page :- can be adapted to gather feedback for each ICT lesson conducted.

This site is set up for learning Geogebra and building up Geogebra resources for teaching mathematics and for sharing with others.

What is GeoGebra?

GeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. It is developed for learning and teaching mathematics in schools by Markus Hohenwarter and an international team of programmers.

Geogebra is open source and free software with many people contributing ideas to improve it. Many features have been added reqularly, faster than many commercial software.

Big advantage to pupils is that they can install it at home free or even go online to access applets without installing Geogebra, only needing Java in their browser. For more information to to site at http://www.geogebra.org/cms/

Always keeping in mind how an ICT based lesson should be designed ..........http://ict.edumall.sg/baseline/lessondesign.html


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