Dr. Jack D. Gittinger
Education Department
Indianola, Iowa 50125
(last update March 2017)
The educational non-profit organization GeoGebra provides free mathematics software in an effort to improve global mathematics education.  GeoGebra develops the open-source software GeoGebra for students and teachers all over the world. 
My project involves designing GeoGebra-based learning activities that align with the Common Core Standards for elementary/mid level geometry . The Common Core Standards, recently adopted by Iowa, have now been adopted by a majority of states, so this resource will be helpful to teachers outside Iowa as well.

My primary goals are to use the GeoGebra software to develop and publish online A Laboratory Guide for Elementary and Middle Geometry Using GeoGebra consisting of interactive, problem-centered, inquiry-based geometry learning activities for upper elementary/middle students that:
  • are based on and exemplify the Essential Concepts and Skills for Geometry identified in the Iowa Core/Common Core curriculum (grades 3-8),
  • can be integrated with existing mathematics textbook programs,
  • will teach elementary students how to use the basic geometry tools in GeoGebra, preparing them for more sophisticated use in middle and high school, and
  • generate interest among Iowa elementary teachers in the use of GeoGebra and its pedagogical philosophy of active engagement and inquiry in mathematics education.


  1. Though the GeoGebra lab activities are organized according to grade level as identified in the Common Core Mathematics standards, they may, of course, be used by any students for whom they are appropriate.
  2. The numbers in the file names do not necessarily imply a sequence of instruction. Teachers should review the lesson plan (student handout) and decide upon sequence or integration depending upon their program, goals, and teaching philosophy.
  3. Though the lesson plans (student handouts) are written for individual student instruction, many of these activities can be completed in small groups or with a whole class using an interactive white board.