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February 26: 10:30 am  Moral and Sexuality: Chapters 4-6. Evangel Temple Christian Center, Springfield MO. 

February 19: 10:30 am   What influences how Christians live a moral life? A look at human nature. Chapters 2-3 of A House Divided.  Evangel Temple Christian Center, Springfield MO.

FEBRUARY 12: 10:30 am Can Christians Unite: Introduction and overview of A House Divided. Evangel Temple Christian Center, Springfield MO.


SEPTEMBER 24: 9:00 am. Moral Psychology, Moral Philosophy, and Christian Morality: Learning from Hume, 
            Midwest Society of Christian Philosophers, Evangel University

SEPTEMBER 23: 4pm. What is Sin?  Faith and Science Conference, Evangel University

MARCH 16:      Perspectives on Same-Sex Relationships
                            Evangel University

MARCH 11:  Same-Sex Marriage: On Healing a Divide 
                    Christian Association for Psychological Studies

MARCH 10:   Christians and Moral Decisions   
                       Life Pacific College, San Dimas, CA

MARCH 10:   Healing and Counseling Outcomes:   What do Client Factors Contribute? 
                        Christian Association for Psychological Studies
                        Pasadena Hilton

FEBRUARY 21:   Identity Theory, The Jesus Movement, and the Gospel of Mark

FEBRUARY 18:   Christianity, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation:   
                        Evangel University



05  Oh My God, and Relational Anxiety

    Keynote at Midwest Christian Psychology Conference
    Evangel University, Springfield MO


4  Metaphors and Christian Morality 
        Evangel Temple, Springfield, MO


25 Assessment of Evidence Based Christian Counseling
        AACC World Conference, Nashville, TN

08 The Christian Counselor
    Evangel University