The best way is to reach me is by email:

I get general mail at

Geoff W. Sutton PhD
Emeritus Professor of Psychology
Evangel University
1111 N. Glenstone Ave.
Springfield MO 65802

You can also connect with me on

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Note to students needing a school or work reference

Contact me by email

Provide the following information:
   Classes and/ or work we did together.
   The years we worked together.
   Other relevant activities e.g., Psi Chi member, research projects, school trips, etc.

   The link to the school or work  website to upload my reference.

    Allow plenty of time because I may not have access to relevant software, files, or the internet

Paper Forms

If you are working with a system that still uses paper do this:
  Complete your portion (e.g., waivers, name, date, etc)
  Send it to me c/o Evangel University
  Enclose a stamped and addressed envelope
  Allow plenty of time for this slow process.

Phone calls
   If your school or work needs to speak to me, please have them provide a number where I can reach them during the day. I do not keep regular office hours and I do not always have a phone available.