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sr2sieve is a sieve for multiple sequences k*b^n+/-1 or b^n+/-k. For nmin <= n <= nmax and prime factors p in pmin <= p <= pmax these limits may apply:

k < 2^32 (standard) or k < 2^31 (dual), b < 2^32, nmax < 2^32, pmax < 2^62, core(k)*core(b) < 2^31, where core(x) is the squarefree part of x.

Multiple sequences with the same fixed base b can be sieved together, but as of version 1.8.x standard form (k*b^n+/-1) and dual form (b^n+/-k) sequences cannot be sieved together.

sr2sieve requires an existing sieve file in ABCD format, and can only find those factors p where p > max(k,b). This means that another program (such as srsieve or Paul Jobling's NewPGen) is needed to create the initial sieve file and remove all factors p <= max(k,b).
To compile sr2sieve, use the sr5sieve source code but change the definition from BASE=5 to BASE=0 in sr5sieve.h, then rename the resulting executable.
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Latest binaries (General use)  160k v. 1 Nov 1, 2009, 4:35 PM Geoffrey Reynolds

Latest binaries (Faster for 4 or fewer sequences)  158k v. 1 Nov 1, 2009, 4:36 PM Geoffrey Reynolds